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REf don’t stroke his ego. His head might pop!

Wait, who is this @Blackroanguy? Seems like a decent player

Decided to dust off the T34S  Ace/Top Gun/High Cal almost 3X the xp of anyone else on my team...  I honestly forgot I hit the 2 key... didn't notice until I saw the after action report...


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1 hour ago, Geek_Verve said:

Nice match! Love the troll turret on that T-34S. Also, I've never noticed Churchills spamming HE before. Is that a thing?



1 hour ago, gpc_4 said:

Bad players are always a thing. 

Pretty sure he was stock with the whimpy little gun, HE was the only way he could hurt me through my sidescrap.  Yes, bad players are always a thing...

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3 Medium games back to back to back:

AMX 30, game starts slow as I wait for everyone to get their ducks in a row:


K-91 Game, the dangers of being zoomed in while you drive around a corner...tragic ending for me...:


430U being a bully:


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