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Here's a medium tank thread similar to the lights.


Here are a couple of mid tier medium Ace tanker games with selective gold rounds being used at the correct times (mostly, didn't need gold for M46 Patton, but I was squaring off with an E75).





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REf don’t stroke his ego. His head might pop!

Wait, who is this @Blackroanguy? Seems like a decent player

*sigh*  My morning in WoT summed up in one battle...





Later that same day the enemy team discovers why the middle is important on Fisherman's Bay:




Platoon game on Malinovka



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Some of you know I am grinding the Leo PTA and I am really enjoying the tank (despite the gunner dying all the time and getting ammo racked quite a bit).





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Just bought back the EZ8 to 3 mark it, 2nd game in it after i get it back... Useless "sniper" heavies who lost thier W keys until it was almost over...



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