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Light Tank Game Play

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Light tanks seem to be the class most of us struggle with. You're often bottom tier. You have no armor. You have a weaker gun. I consider myself a competent light tank driver and I think I could "learn ya" some things. I will try to keep this thread active with current games to see if it helps. If nothing else you will learn some spotting locations you might not have known about. Please help by posting your own light tank games, good games and games you want opinions on. There are some good light tankers in these clans, time to spread some knowledge. 


These are games I had just this morning:









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LT-15 with honors, which completed my 3rd set of missions for the T55a.  

Picking up where you left off. Welcome back Blackroan!

4k damage in my 13 90 on Overlord...and we still lose   http://wotreplays.com/site/3243513#stats

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Rough morning. This game starts out pretty bad for me, but once it gets rolling I do much better. I just had to be careful.






Here's a WZ-132 patrol duty/scout game where them seem to get pretty mad at me... especially the T34 who turns away from my entire team coming at him to get a kill shot on me.   :smile2



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Today's lesson: Active spotting and countering the enemy scout. Fiery game from south spawn. Ace Tanker, Patrol duty, 4.5k+ spotting in a tier 6 scout in a tier 8 match



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4k damage in my 13 90 on Overlord...and we still lose



well done, looked like a fun game despite the team fail...  once again it showed that overlord is won on the 9-0 line.

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