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May just pick up the Indianapolis as a birthday present to myself unless someone thinks the Sims is better...

Maybe it's just me. Although I picked up a Dunkerque, Belfast, Kutuzov, Molotov, Indianapolis, Alabama lately, I find I haven't played them often....  I find myself playing Cleveland, Farragut, Sims and Atlanta - a lot.      So for the money I've spent on these premium ships have been a waste of money for me...  


So I've passed on all the new premiums that have come out lately - Kaga, Hood, Duca d'Aosta, deGrasse - as much as the collector in me wants to pick them up -   at least for what I do, although it would be cool to pick up an Enterprise and what not - the likelihood of me playing them and being worth the money I'd spend on them just isn't there...

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The best Premium IMO you cant buy(unless you spend about $120), you have to earn it. The Missouri!!!!


The Mighty Mo just prints credits and is a blast to play. Love most of my premiums but the Mo is on another level.

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