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SWGOH: Tank Raid

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The nice folks at CG/EA have acknowledged that the T6 Tank Raid was way too hard, too long, and just too terrible.  As such they have nerfed the raid reducing speed and HP by 20% as well as buffing Jedi a little and probably tweeking some other things.  As such it is now much more enjoyable to play and rather than taking a month+ to complete a single raid we can now complete it in a few days.


Here are some tips.  While this will focus on the T6 raid there are notes that should help people who want to prepare for the T7 raid.  In additon you can check out this guide that has damage values but is mostly focused on the T7 raid:




Phase 1:  Mr. Grievous


Strategy:  Grievous, a B2, and two other battle droids will spawn.  Kill B2 first and then focus damage on Grievous and if you have buff blocks/stun characters use those on the two battle droids.  When B2 respawns kill him then continue.  Grievous will apply taunt to other droids which is why you need buff immunity rather than just ability block to prevent their taunts.  Grievous will also hit through foresight. 


T6 Squads:  Droids and Rebels are the most effective here however any squad with good DPS, good speed, and stuns/blocks will work well here. 


T7 Squads:  This is the phase where Jedi are at their most effective.  The best comps include increased tenacity. Currently the highest damage (11%+) is being achieved by Aayla Zeta lead Jedi.  The increased tenacity allows them to heal as Grievous applies his negative affects which allow them to last until his enrage..  Aayla, Ashoka, Anakin, QGJ, and Ima Gun is the best comp currently. If you have Aayla but not Zeta'd then Ima becomes a better lead however with either non-Zeta Aayla or Ima you will want Bariss (remove negative status effects) or Yoda (Tenacity up) to help extend the battle.


Example results of a T6 P1 Jedi w/o Aayla, all toons with 5* mods but only Anakin with arena caliber mods and QGJ with potency mods:







Phase 2: Da Tank


Strategy: Phase two consists of a tank with 2 side guns and 1 main cannon.  Your strategy here is simple but is very much related to TM and speed.  You want toons that are fast enough to take out the two side cannons first and then the top, main cannon. If you are able to take all 3 cannons out without the tank itself firing you will get two buffs - one of which is a speed buff.   With droids/JE the strategy should be have HK use his AoE whenever the main tank does not have speed down applied.  If possible save JE's special TM boost until the tank has been toppled to maximize your damage however using it to bring down the cannons before the tank gets a turn will net a bigger gain than letting the tank fire and only receiving one buff.  Use 88s AoE when the tank cannons are all up.  Focus the side cannons first since they are faster then focus the top cannon last. Note that having a speed down character like Fives, Phasma, Jawa, Resistance Trooper can all help here.  Ideally having speed down on the tank and getting the two buffs, including a 25% increase to your toons' speed, will maximize your damage.  Saving Nebit for P3 and replacing him with Fives can be very effective here.  


T6 Squads:  Droid/Jawa combo (HK/88/86/Nebit/JE) are an ideal squad here regardless of raid tier but any fast (180+ speed) toons or toons with significant TM gain are very effective.   Rebels with a Wedge lead with a focus on damage dealers will be able to take down the guns quickly and Wedges lead provides continuous health.  Jedi are also effective typically with a QGJ speed lead or possibly a Ashoka TM boost/dodge or even Old Ben lead.  If possible characters that can slow the tank are also helpful so Phasma, Fives, etc. work well.  Jawa can also work reasonably well although because they lack effective damage dealing they are b;etter split with droids than as a Jawa group.


T7 Squads:  Droids are clearly the choice here.  Mod for crit chance/crit damage and speed.  If you have Palpatine use Nebit as your 5th (HK/88/86/JE/Nebit) however if you do not have Nebit consider using B2, Phasma, etc. as a 5th to save Nebit for P3. 


Example of a T6 droid comp with 5* mods slightly worse than arena caliber (204 speed JE):








Phase 3:  Rocket Man Droid


Strategy:  The general strategy here is to stun/block the support droids and focus damage and TMR on the main rocket droid.  Emperor Palpatine, Jawa, Datcha, and Ugnaught all have AoE stuns and excel here.  The rocket droid will grant a special buff to a droid (green triangle) who you should prioritize as a target as they will be able to one shot your characters if allowed to fire.  


Chirpa/Palpatine Strategy:  There is a specific squad that can produce significant damage in this phase.  The squad is ideally Chirpa lead, Palpatine, StHan, Sun Fac, and Royal Guard.  The strategy here is to have Palpatine shock all of the battle droids.  Once he shocks them all he will have 100% TM gain on every attack which will cause the droids and large cannon in the back from being able to fire.  Only the main rocket droid will attack which is why you need multiple tanks to protect Palpatine until the rocket droid is enraged.  Sun Fac can be replaced by other tanks that have 2+ turn taunts (Chewbacca can work with 1 turn but not reliably so best to Omega his taunt).   With the HP reduction at T6 Palpatine can one-shot-crit-kill any droid so its actually easier to get to the 'infinite' attack phase in T7 than T6. Note that Chirpa is a liability in this battle.  In a T7 battle you can use his assist call on a battle droid in the hope of getting Palpatine called (some people will restart this battle until that happens to maximize damage).  In a T6 you should never use any of his specials and should just attack the main droid.  His special that provides counter attacks will end up killing a shocked droid if they AoE or target Chirpa.  That is not good.  Ideally he dies early since his only contribution is as leader and his minimal damage to the boss provides more TM than damage.   Managing the taunts:  Taunt first with Han.  In a T7 you need a speed of 223 to be able to have Han move before the droids.  In T6 it is closer to 200.  Save your other taunts.  You want Han to be the focus and he gives TM to the other taunters/Palpatine.  At some point when Han is closer to death you want to taunt with your 3rd taunter (SUn Face/Chewy/etc) who you want taunting when Han dies.  Once Han dies they will no longer get TM so they won't be able to protect our benevolant Emperor (RG will kick in automatically). 


T6 Squads:  Again droids and Rebels can shine here due to good AoE damage and excellent DPS.  Jedi can also be useful here as well as most other synergy squads.  Jawa are at their most effective as a group here in the entire raid although if you have droids then JE should fight with them while someone like Ugnaught or Phasma can work with the other 4 Jawa.  Ewoks can also have some impact here if you have Ewoks but do not have the Emperor.

T7 Squads:  Chirpatine (Chirpa(L), Palpatine, Sun Fac, STHan, Royal Guard) is the best squad for this as STHan is replaceable on a rebel squad and the rest are not generally useful in the rest of the raid.  Alternatively using Jawa is effective here to get 2%+ in P3 with a Dathcha (L), Nebit, Jawa, and Scavenger and including another tank or Ugnaught to provide a near continuous AoE stun on the droids. 


P3 Examples: 



These are not necessarily ideal but are some examples of the damages/comps in T6.  














Phase 4:  Da Tank (now with Da Plane!)


Strategy:  There are two strategies in P4.  The simplest strategy is a No Topple strategy.  The goal here is to knock out the two B2 guards, knock out the top main cannon, and knock out one side cannon.  Do NOT topple the tank by taking out the third gun.  After you have gotten rid of two of the three cannons simply attack the main tank with single-DPS characters.  Ideally those characters continously heal as they attack.   During the strategy you will never see Da Plane and you will just need to kill the guns as the respawn (the B2s will never respawn).    This strategy works well with droids and with Wedge led Rebels.  Note that when the tank is near enraging or your toons are nearly dead you can knock out the final gun and get an extra round or two of damage in.  


Alternative Strategy:  The more complicated strategy is to knock the tank down repeatedly.  This allows for more damage in theory if your toons are fast enough.  However after the tank is topple you will get your shots in and when he rises back up Da Plane will make its appearance.  This tactical bomber will strafe your forces and will kill anyone who does NOT have an active buff.   This means that in order to live through a toppling you have to have everyone buffed. Characters with squad buffs that apply on basic attacks including Leia are useful but not dependeable.  Toons with squad buffs that last multiple turns like Akbar's tactical genius are more reliable but require management.  Continuous buffs like Boba Fetts or Ashoka (when JKA is present) do work as well as taunts.  


T6 Squads:  Rebels are perfect here at maximizing the damage in either strategy.  Droids are very effective with the first strategy but are dificult to reliably buff on the alternative strategy.  Jedi can work with the second strategy with some toons like Luminara who can apply a multi-turn heal buff.  


T7 Squads:  Rebels should be used here.  If STHan has been utilized in P3 then Wedge/Biggs/Akbar/Lando/Leia can work here with the alternative strategy or any DPS toon in palce of Leia for the main strategy.  









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This is the approach I'd like to try for us tomorrow.   PLEASE use discord for updates on the raid progress.  Do not just jump in and waste any toons.  In addition use the retreat function liberally if you have bad runs and escape toons before enrage or in a position where they can no longer do damage if you can particularly if they're viable at later stages. 


P1 - anyone with zKylo can use him to 'solo' P1.  In order to solo you need to make sure you're at least 180 speed and G10.  Please remember to use your absolute best mods.  He should be modded for crit chance and crit damage.  The crit damage in particular is important to help him recover his protection.  Mods should be top right primary speed, right primary crit damage, bottom right primary protection, bottom left primary protection but keep in mind that speed is critical.


Begin escaping at turn 8/9.  If you are close to dying or close to enrage retreat or force close your client.  We need our zKylos to get through P1.  Even with 3 or 4 zKylo's running this it will take quite a while.  The good news is one battle is over in a couple minutes so jump in when you can or jump out.  I don't expect anyone to sit down and just play for 30-60 minutes straight.  We have 48 hours to complete this raid so we can take our time with P1.


If you do not have a zKylo feel free to try out your jedi teams or other P1 teams however make sure that they do not register or die off.  We need all of our toons for P2/P3. 


P2 - Everyone needs to put in their best P2 team to start.  Before entering battle please equip your best mods (typically arena mods).  Keep in mind that you should still have your Jedi and they are viable here.  Droids are excellent here if they are fast enough.  Clones are useable here as well and with zeta Cody produce some of the highest damage runs.  If you have zeta Finn then a Resistance team is viable.   Rebels are good but you should try to use a P2 team to keep them in reserve.  If we flounder in P2, and we may, then I'll message everyone in discord to throw them in as well. 


If you have multiple teams please run ONE team in P2.  Whichever team you believe is the best fit from your roster.   Then wait until we either complete P2 or feel like we're close enough to go 1 by 1 or 2 by 2.  Remember to move your mods from toons you have run to toons your are running.  If you bring in slow or poorly modded toons they will not be effective.


P3 - P3 approach will mimic P2.  Put in one team with your best mods then wait for more information.  Chirpatine is still considered one of the best teams to run here.  Chirpa lead, EP, Sun Fac, STHan, RG.  You can also put in TFP in place of RG or Sun Fac if you have him.  If running Chirpatine please use the retreat function liberally if you fail to shock all 6 droids initially.  This will absolutely maximize your damage.  STHan needs to have 232 speed to go in front of all the droids however I don't believe anyone has that much in speed mods (I know I'm short 5-10).   Otherwise equip your tanks for speed/prot/health/defense and your EP for crit damage/crit chance.  Potency is not that important here as you can retreat/restart if you fail to land a shock. 


If you do not have Chirpatine then EP lead can be effective as well (particularly with TFP).  EP(l), TFP, STHan, RG, SF.   A full Jawa team (or Jawa + Ugnaught if you used JE for droids),  zVader led empire arena style AoE team, rebels, droids, etc. all do effective damage.   


P4 - Nothing to this one.  Assuming we make it here we will almost certainly be out or nearly out of toons.  However if we're not we each send our best toons remaining into P4 and then wait to send in a second team.   You should exhaust your roster here.   If you are able to consistently knock down the tank then you can rack up significant damage.  However if you are not able to then using the method where you leave a single side turret active tends to be a good way for slower/weaker teams to maximize their damage.  Rebel Wedge led teams are very good here as well as zCody led clones with Princess Leia. 

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Jedi Team:

Anakin (Lead), Qui-Gon Jinn, Aayla, Yoda, Ahsoka

Ima-Gun Di (Lead), Qui-Gon Jinn, Aayla, Yoda, Kit Fisto

Alternatives (possibly less effective)

Team: Anakin (Lead), Aayla, Ima-Gun Di, QGJ, Ewok Elder

Characters: Eeth Koth, Kit Fisto, Luminara Unduli, Ahsoka


From Lord Skunk or whatever your link was. So not Aayla or IGD leads.. but Anakin?

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Link is about 6mo old and doesn't account for a lot of testing since.  Aayla lead P1 is able to get about 800k.  Anakin lead about 300k.  Anakin may have been better for P2.  I opted for a QGJ lead for the speed but I'm not sure if I should have been going for damages instead.   Aayla gives you almost nothing P2 since you don't get debuffed much and Ima lead just gets you killed.


My droids are not bad and weren't able to get the tank down 3 times.  Only twice.  I think they need to all be G10/G11 and you need good RNG (slows galore from HK) to be able to knock it down 3 times.   


There's no zeta's in that guide either and that has changed the landscape pretty dramatically. 

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Since I've been running zeta Savage on PH I, I figured I'd throw in my lessons learned, since it's not mentioned elsewhere in this thread. I can't speak to mods except that I have close to all 5 star mods and only one is lvl 1, the other 5 are lvl 15. I only chose to zeta Savage because when I bumped his gear to lvl 10 I noticed I already had the gear (or close to it) to bump him to G11. He immediately became my most powerful toon and I think I've only cleared GW once since I gave him his Zeta like a month ago or whenever it was. So I've never run him at G10 and don't have any advice for people who do. At G11:

I use his basic and ignore the other droids unless grievous makes one of them taunt. If a taunt is up I try to focus down one of them to below 50% to work in Savage's special, overpower, to try to get in a few hits with CC up and CD up. I attempt escape as soon as it's available, unless I just did overpower and have the extra buffs, in which case I hit the boss until the buffs run out, then try escaping. If it fails, I've consistently been able to make a 2nd escape attempt a few turns before enrage, even if I prolonged the first escape attempt to get more mileage out of overpower buffs. If 2nd escape fails, I've always had a turn before he enrages to retreat. It's a bit demoralizing, but trying the early escape improves the overall likelihood of registering damages. Once the boss is below 50% you can use overpower on him directly. Since it doesn't do that much more damage than his basic, I recommend only doing that if none of the lesser droids is close to 50%. If any of them are, get them down to 50% and use overpower on them (if you have it omega upgraded) to get the extra critical chance and damage to use on grievous. Only time I came close to losing him was when the B2 dropped all the heals-over-time right before his turn and he got no healing on his turn and was below 50%. I idiotically continued instead of retreating and he stayed up until his next turn when he promptly returned to full health. I think the B2 buff drop just prior to Savage's turn is a once-in-a-blue-moon situation. Sorry for the wall of text. Composing this on a tablet.

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