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DGG Ep. 92 - 12/16/16 Outline and Show Notes

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DGG Ep. 92 - 12/16/16    Outline and Show Notes
Role Call
Guest Dad -

Father Time - Parenting (round table)

Christian -
Damian - suicidal thoughts, bad grades, early Christmas
Dan -      ^^^^ WTF, man?!?!?!      Dad update (smoking), foot update (pics) and 'the scoot', holiday prep, Third Reich (kids grounded), Work
Jeremy - Christmas is here, sick family, 

ESRBeware - Dead Rising 4 - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34599&Title=Dead+Rising+4

Or go with funny - Conception II - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=33358&Title=Conception+II%3a+Children+of+the+Seven+Stars

Or one we missed - Dragon Age: Inquisition - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=33723&Title=Dragon+Age%3a+Inquisition

Another funny one  - No More Heroes 2 - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=28249&Title=No+More+Heroes+2%3a+Desperate+Struggle

Play Time


GOTY for each of us, Top 5, any game played this year


Damian - Neon Chrome, Garden Warfare 2, Far Cry Primal, Stories, Tiny Troopers, Color Guardians, Invisible Inc., Let It Die, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, FFX
Jeremy - FF XV
Dan - Gaming ADD, Dariusburst CS, Stories: Paths of Destiny kind of in a gaming funk
Christian -

Metacritcal - The Last Guardian

Movie/TV Talk
Christian -
Damian - Suicide Squad, Sausage Party
Dan - Finished up Dead Beat, Chance, Specral
Jeremy - Wife Swap, Black Mirror S3 ep 2-4, A Christmas Horror Story

GAME NIGHT!!! - Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 12/30 starting at 8pm CST and going until, no DLC required.

Feedback -

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Wrap Up
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The Last Guardian - Positive 754    Mixed 49   Negative 232


Christian (positive) - Breathtaking. Beautiful. Ethereal. Emotive. Consistent. Fantastic. Mythical. Wondrous. Authentic. Emphatic. Immersive. Engaging.

Just a few words that reflect my experience of traversing through The Last Guardian. A genuine empathetic experience like no other - seriously.

A crowning achievement in vision, design and execution.


Jeremy (negative) - What the trico did I just finish playing? Early ps3 graphics and sub 20 fps with constant drops of frame-rate into single digits. Controls are broken and unresponsive. Gameplay is boring and nonsensical, horrible pacing. Not that there is much gameplay it is like watching the most boring movie in the world. Sony took some old broken canceled ps3 game and release this junk as a cash grab. If this game was on any other system it would be destroyed for its obvious flaws but Sony exclusives get a pass.


Dan (negative) - Basic, nothing new for 10 years of performance, very ugly gameplay, graphics of ps3, this game should have come out for ps3 since in that machine could do less things, in ps4 that is so linear with such easy puzzles.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were very good games and this one is not, you have to analyze it separately not with the fan rod!


Damian (positive) - For me it's about empathy with this creature, it really reminds me of how smart my Dog is, how smart animals are and how we shouldn't be cruel to them. It really makes me want to rise up against farming or the Chinese who are just evil and do not care about life. people moan about how hard it is to get Trico to follow commands.... for me personally it just feels natural, my Dog doesn't do things instantly either, he has his own mind and he doesn't speak English, he has to work things out. If you're trying to come at the angle of just a pure game... you wont like it, it's all about empathy.


Christian (negative?) - Die Steuerung ist brutal schlecht immer^^

das ganze Game ist leider linear sehr ^^
die Steuerung eine katastrophe ist,was genau haben die neun Jahre lang gemacht???

lg euer Andy Epica

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