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last word question game

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Rules: Answer the thread with a question in topic of the  post before yours.


Failure to comply with this rule forfeits you for the day.


Object: Have the last post in thread for the day. I am going to go by my timestamps of CST so the last one before midnite CST wins.


Rewards!!!!!! 10,000 rupees from me to you.






Miscellanious information. If this is not suitable to admins, strike me down. However know that I will only come back stronger :lmao2


Do to some misconceptions on how to proceed, here is an example of how to answer.


post 1: What was I thinking?


post 2: How would i know?


post 3: weren't you paying attention?


post 4: why don't we take this outside?


etc etc.


No statements. All questions.  :woot:excited


edit 2. In an attempt to further clerify, it is like the improv game actors use to think on their feet. They start off in a scene doing some every day thing but can only respond to each other with a question. If they fail to answer in a question they are out and it keeps going till everyone is out. However since this is a forum format you don't get out forever, just for that day.


Since i asked "what do i have in my pocket?" someone could have responded with "what could fit in that pocket?" next response could be "why would i care what is in your pocket?" next response "what do you mean?" , "would this gun fit in your pocket?" , "what type of gun?" etc etc.


Each post responds to the person before them, but in the form of a question.



Previous Day's Winner: MeanGreenVert


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why would you answer my question with a statement? did you not get the gist of what is supposed to happen? will I update the original post to reflect how to comment and not disqualify doc for it?

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