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DGG Episode 091 - Outline and Links 12/2

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Role Call
Guest Dad - 


Father Time - Parenting (round table)



Christian -
Damian - Black Friday (PS4>XB1), basketball repercussions, Thanksgiving, Holiday weight
Dan - if I'm well...I'll talk about my surgery since it's in the morning, turkey day talk, dad heart attack, black friday no sales, house repair successes
Jeremy - Son/wife sick, Black Friday, Not feeling like Christmas


ESRBeware - Sam & Max 3: The Devil's Playhouse  http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=28983&Title=Sam+%26+Max%3a+The+Devil’s+Playhouse+-+Episode+2%3a+The+Tomb+of+Sammun-Mak


Play Time
Damian - BF1, FFX, DOOM, Mafia III, Watchdogs 2
Jeremy - FF Tactics, FFXV
Dan - BF1, Paladins, Rocket League, Chaos
Christian -


Metacritcal -


Movie/TV Talk
Christian -
Damian - Westworld, Fantastic Beasts, Gods of Egypt
Dan -
Jeremy - The Finest Hours, American Horror Story finished, Mad Men finished, Black Mirror


GAME NIGHT!!! - Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 12/30 starting at 8pm CST and going until, no DLC required.


Feedback -


Site Info
Online Man-Cave for Dads
We are Dads first and everything else second



Zazzle store


Wrap Up
E-mails/feedback from listeners
Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com
@DGGPodcast on Twitter
DGGPodcast on Facebook
@Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout
Questions, comments, hate mail

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Final Fantasy XV -   positive 354  negative 82  meh 15


Jeremy (negative) - GOTY = Garbage of the year

Enough said.

After go through 4-5 demos and even the real one, it is not good.

If you play a lot of RPG in your life lately , you will notice the difference of this garbage and all masterpiece.


InSync fights some monsters, Then they look at a dress and fish. hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah


Christian (positive) - Its Final Fantasy based on True Story...,seriously.

The world feels so live even you just drive away to the side quest over and over
and the combats is so much fun (especially the armiger),the effect and the music is GREAT!
Also the story is good but not the best,yet it still get better by character progression of The Bros :)


Dan (negative) - So, I boot the game up, expecting to go on a grand and epic magical adventure, but instead I'm pushing a car??

This game is a blueballs waste of time. NO, I say NO, sir. Children will not be born because of this game.


The game plays like Kingdom Hearts for slugs, the open world looks like something from a PS2 game and the writing and directing are laughable. The dramatic moments are so poorly executed they become comical. Nothing sucks the drama out of a climactic battle for the future of a kingdom like a naked burning dude doing backflips and running up walls for no reason. To put Square Enix out of their misery, maybe this really should be the final fantasy.


Damian (positive) - Final Fantasy 15 Is a fantastic game that deserves to be in everyone library, fan or newcomer. The characters are like able and really help the story along. speaking of the story, its easy to understand if your not a complete retard.the graphics are stunning and the game play is fresh and deep. Don't listen to anyone who tells you different. My GOTY.

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