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Derpsgiving 2016: A DHO4 and all DHO contest

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Derpsgiving 2016 A Cornucopia of HE! Thanks to Pierre (T34pzric) for the banner.   Derpsgiving is back! This year it will be a DHO4 and all DHO contest. The primary goal is to do the most damage

Glad to see there is some excitement for Derpsgiving..... Screw it; I'm saying battles from today will be eligible for the contest. Go derp some reds tonight!

bump, my post updated ... OI-Exp 1786 DMG and 4 Kills

Posted Images

OI on Prokhorovka, tier 8 match....



And for good measure...



Best sniper confirmed. 3112 damage all at range, fascist Germans no match for Asian ingenuity. Had a shot on the Nashorn at the end, but missed :(

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2 KV-2 battles attached.

   1) with >2K damage

   2) with 5 Kills, more ribbons and a cameo by The_Dad

do cameos help at all... can you add my puny 642 to ^ his total?


no... thought so. I was using the wrong gun for this wasn't I... pew pew's don't count.

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