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DGG Ep. 89 - Outline and Links - 11/4/2016

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DGG Episode 088 -Outline and Links

Role Call
Guest Dad - Mike Mahoney

Father Time - Parenting (round table)

Christian -
Damian - trip to OH, daughter check up, Halloween, bus dilemma
Dan - meetup, work, family life
Jeremy - Lice to see you

ESRBeware - Dishonored 2 -http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34591&Title=Dishonored+2
Play Time -
Damian - BF1, Saturday Morning RPG, Deadly Tower of Monsters
Jeremy - BF1, Gears 4, Skyrims
Dan - Gears of War 4, Raiden V, Battlefield 1, not as much gaming as I want
Christian -

Metacritcal -
Movie/TV Talk
Christian - 
Damian -
Dan - Walking Dead
Jeremy - American Horror Story, The Talking Dud

Feedback -

Site Info
Online Man-Cave for Dads
We are Dads first and everything else second

Info about meetup and stream

Zazzle store
Wrap Up
E-mails/feedback from listeners
Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com
@DGGPodcast on Twitter
DGGPodcast on Facebook
@Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout
Questions, comments, hate mail
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Damian (Negative): No story. No idea what is going on throughout the game, other than mind control... Both endings are stupid. Game is crazy short, then the ending starts to get exciting, picking up the pace then all of a sudden it feels like getting blu-balls. Credits roll then a overwhelming feeling of being kicked in the nuts for spending $20 on ... this. Wait till it drops in price for $5.00 on xbox live gold.


Jeremy (Positive): “Inside” truly is an experience; calling it a “game” is to dismiss its very nature. Similar to Playdead’s “Limbo” before it, “Inside” isn’t about the hand-holding typical of most titles: “Here’s the protagonist, here’s the motivation and here’s 30 minutes of tutorials to teach you what to expect.” No, “this experience is none of that. The story and motivation are definitely there, but in a series of questions you’ll ask yourself rather than overt answers the game will tell you; you learn through implication rather than exposition. It’s this intrigue that makes the muted colors and oft morbidly bleak themes of the world of “Inside” so incredibly immersive, easily one of the most immersive I’ve ever personally experienced. Whether ducking flashlights, evading attack dogs, patiently sussing out one of the world’s many wonderful and unique puzzles or just standing in awe of the environment and atmosphere around me, I feel like I’m there, and “there” is where the game truly shines above so many others. I won’t spoil anything, but be warned: don’t expect answers; don’t expect for everything to be wrapped up in a nice, neat little package in the end. “Inside” will end and what you feel is what you feel, what you think is what you think and overall, the end-to-end experience should leave an imprint as deep as the questions you’ll hunger to have answered. If “Inside” succeeds at anything, it’s at reminding you that the rabbit hole is always deeper than you think it is, and sometimes it’s not even a rabbit hole at all…


Christian (Negative): Massive disappointment. I loved LIMBO and this has the same look and feel overall but I was left wondering why I wasted my time. It starts off well enough but as each of the 4 short hours pass it the enjoyment dwindles until you just want it to be over. The turning point for me was when something that has been an 'enemy' suddenly 'helps' you and whatever the heck the final minutes of the game was, my wife walked in while playing and was like WTF!?!?!... I echo her sentiment. I purchased it on editorial reviews as I did Gone Home a few years back and it isn't often I think the consensus is so far off base but like Gone Home, for the record a WORSE game, I do not get the scores at all. Pretty, cool animations, easy 'puzzles' and what story... not a good one.


Dan (Positive): After having taken advantage of the Limbo offer for free on PC and Xbox One the past few weeks to dive deep into its astonishing atmosphere one more time, I could steel myself to enjoy their brand new masterpiece as I should.

Inside is a part - in the same way as Limbo - of those indie games that succeed in putting the sphere of AAA games in the shade just by arming themselves with a staggering ambience. A brand new master stroke from Playdead.

With beautiful references to Limbo deftly disseminated here and there throughout this unique dark journey, a game concept transcended by its intelligent structure, an execution with great delicacy, a progressive breathtaking rhythm without any time out and above all, its deadly and remorseless traps.
Inside keeps the player on tenterhooks by insinuating within his head, a profound feeling of unease while facing some passages, thus strongly rooting this dread of the failure that will lead the guy to his death. Not devoid of subtle cinematographical references, the game features a redoubtable graphical ambience that grabs the player by the throat and throws him at the heart of a very dark trek in a world that tremendously looks like a dystopia. Adding some tints of colour doesn't change the overall meaning of the artistic direction which takes root with fervor in that of Limbo, and hence brings the same amount of oppression. Managing to tell a story just through the use of a specific ambience, the environment, the Gameplay and subtle references, we can easily spot this indisputable know-how from Playdead who deals another coup de grâce and makes an eloquent demonstration of one of their most primary talents.


Mike (Positive): Inside is both an astounding achievement and a devastatingly empathetic experience – in the most blissful and expressive sense. Depending on your expectations of Interactive media, you'll either appreciate PlayDead’s unconventional narrative-driven masterpiece (as did I) or you may feel disgruntled by their total disregard for assimilating overwrought generic videogame tropes and mechanics into their vision.

Inside boasts an overwhelmingly intricate semiotic design. Playhead's treatment of character, setting, narrative, gameplay, mise en scene, architecture and other aesthetic devices results in a seamless and unique experience.

Simply stunning and by far my best game of 2016

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