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Hello. I just got my new laptop last week and got around to uploading WoW today. I played a few games on co-op mode to dust off the ships and realize there is much I don't understand since the last time I logged on (6ish months ago). Here are some initial questions I have:


1. Upgrades - are they only purchased for silver? Do they just apply to the ship you bought them for? Are they permanent or are they like cola or chocolate in WoT and they have to be bought every time?


2. Consumables - I can't turn on auto-resupply, but I assume that is because I only have free consumables. Is this like the difference between a small repair kit and large repair kit to get the upgraded consumables?


3. Hydroacoustic Search - Huh? What is this?


4. Containers - Huh? What is this?


5. I have 1 premium ship--the Albany. Are premiums same as in WoT where I just move my commander and put him from my regular cruiser (Phoenix) into the Albany and he has full skills but makes extra exp? 


6. Any general guidance for what to spend commander's skills on for Tier 4 USA cruiser? I've seen some of the discussions about what skills to research but curious if anyone had specific feedback for this vessel.


7. Why is there no Alaska (CB-1) !  My grandfather served on this one in WWII.


Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.



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If you want to have flexibility - choose cruisers.  If you want to be a glass cannon and/or play "independently"- destroyers.  If you want to be the target of every gun in the game - play battleship.

ctrl+click the squadron (just like selecting a primary target for your secondaries), and it will focus on that one squadron if the weapons are in range. Other wise it will target the closest. Very hel

Also, if you hover over the icon of your ship (just above the compass) while IN GAME, you can see all your stats - gun ranges, detectability, AND you can see how many secondaries are still active....

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1: Ship upgrades need to be bought for credits and are permanent for that ship.

2: You are correct, use the premium and the auto resupply will become an option. Premium consumables have shorter reloads and one more charge (if it has a charge) then normal.

3: Think sonar. it increases spotting distances on torps and ships regardless of line of sight. Similar to radar down the road, but radar doesn't see torps.

4: No more daily missions. After getting a set amount of xp you get a contrainer, up to three a day. open one for rewards. There are four types: more credits guaranties at least one of three will be credits, more consumables guaranties at least one of three will be consumables, and more signals guaranties at least one of three will be signals. Try you luck gives you "less" reward types, but often larger amounts of one, and also has the chance for doubloons and supercontainers which have even bigger rewards (I got 10 000 000 credits), premium time or rare ships.

5: You can put a captain in premium and no retrain is required. There is still no accelerated training in the game though.

6: For USN cruisers I tend to lean towards AA and other support role skills like spotting torps and always take expert marksman on most ships to turn your guns faster. Remember to think end game. http://shipcomrade.com/skillcalcUse that to look things over better.

7: Give it time.

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1)Silver only, ship you bought them for only. Can be demounted for gold, like equipment in Tanks.

2) generally the premium consumables have a shorter cooldown period.

3) Sonar like consumable, picks up torpedoes and ships in smoke at relatively short range-radar has been implemented at higher tiers, detects ships but not torpedoes at longer ranges.

4) not sure, I think another reward feature earn rewards for earning XP each day.

5) only difference is any captain regardless of ship class can go to any premium , destroyer captain to premium cruiser etc.

6) probably depends on if you want to go up the line to the heavy cruisers that start at tier 7 in the US line....

7)everyone asks, best guess at the moment is balance issue- is it a cruiser or a battleship, where does it fit in the tiers? Tier X cruiser or tier 8 battleship I have heard thrown around.



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Thank you both very much. For the link too--that's the kind of info I need. Interesting about Alaska--I remember asking WG in testing if it would be in US line and they said yes, definitely. I guess patience is needed :)

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It will be a Premium for sure, unless they split the BC out of the BB line, in which case it could go there. WIll be interesting, my bet will be tier 6 or 7, depending on a lot of other this thats (never really looked the ship up), but am thinking Scharnhoarst.

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Well that's a premium I would buy. Also working toward the Baltimore class of cruiser as he finished his enlistment on the (CA-75) Helena.


What do folks feel are some of the best lines to go up for new players? Any premiums that really stand out?

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Most Premium BBs and DDs are worth the buy. Atago Is another that people really like.


As for what line to do, that is really up to you. BBs are easier to get the hang of, but take time to really learn the ins and outs. Cruisers are tougher to learn, and keep alive, but when left unchecked can do a lot of damage. DDs are really tough to learn, but when used right will be on top of the team each time. CVs, well they can work but then they can't... They kind of do a roller coaster ride, where are first they are great and easy, then they get tough, then slightly easier before becoming tough again (in my opinion). They can be really strong, and really weak at the same time.

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Have not played in a while but:



Both are frequent (especially Umi) plays for divisions at their tiers. I like US cruisers as a start, but the switch to CL at tier 4 after the St. Louis is jarring, but probably better than the switch to CA at tier 5 for the Japanese ( though I played through Furutaka pre buff/change).


Battleships are somewhat easier as a start, but play slower, think slower heavy/TD in Tanks. Cruisers generally more medium like.



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5. One thing I just discovered about premium ships - if you want the XP bonus you have to mount the free camo that comes with the ship (it's not automatically mounted). Since the extra XP camo is free for premium ships you can enable auto resupply and the camo is remounted after each battle


Otherwise you just get normal XP. Took me a while to figure that one out.



Ships I like playing low tier are the Dresden tier 2 - St. Louis tier 3 and Bogytr tier 3. They are basically gunboats which you can continuously spam ammo down range at enemy ships.


I want to get better at playing destroyers.

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If you want to have flexibility - choose cruisers.  If you want to be a glass cannon and/or play "independently"- destroyers.  If you want to be the target of every gun in the game - play battleship.  LOL  


Battleships are the "center" of battle.  If done correctly (and when does that ever occur?) the cruisers should actually play BEHIND the battleships.  The battleships take the hits, use their repair ability to stay in the fight, while the cruisers take out other cruisers and destroyers.  

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