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DGG Episode 088 -Outline and Links 10/21

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DGG Episode 088 -Outline and Links

Role Call

Guest Dad - 

Father Time - Parenting (round table)


Christian - Mother fell, Step Mom Heart attack, Week alone with wife & daughter at the beach
Damian - another death another trip to the hollar, country slang, daughter room, daughter's friends, haunted house
Dan - Home repair update, daughter update on behavior, family pictures (and mishaps), allowances

Jeremy - Soccer, tooth, 

ESRBeware - Gears of War 4 - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34517&Title=Gears+of+War+4


Play Time - 
Damian - Gears 4, Pokemon Go padawan, Actual Sunlight (shout out to Gee Ham (Super Nando DX Alpha))

Jeremy - Gears 4, Smash Bros, Battlefield 1
Dan - Gears of War 4, Dan the Man (mobile), Raiden V, Nintendo Switch tablet with thumbsticks
Christian - Gears of War 4, South Park the Stick of Truth, WWE 2K17


Metacritcal - 

Movie/TV Talk
Christian - Football!, Pumped for Dr Strange
Damian - Westworld, Krampus, Luke Cage

Dan - South Park, Deadbeat
Jeremy - Don't Breath, American Horror Story, The Darkness


Feedback -  Suck it Trebek!



Site Info
Online Man-Cave for Dads
We are Dads first and everything else second




Info about meetup and stream


Zazzle store


Wrap Up
E-mails/feedback from listeners
Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com
@DGGPodcast on Twitter

DGGPodcast on Facebook
@Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout
Questions, comments, hate mail
Find, listen and rate on
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Metacritic: Gears of War 4


Dan: Now any negative reviews I have been reading so far only hav a few good reasons or at least valid. Ive already 7 negative "user reviews" tht were just copy and pasted....so I assume its made by the same person, one tht gave it a 0 bc he only liked the Multiplayer and another gave it a 0 bc the campaign hardly hav the Chainsaw Lancer in it. and the rest tht gave it a 0 just gave it for no reason. A 0 shuld only b given if its a horrible game gameplay wise or bad performance or hell has barely any content. The reviews they gav and the ones tht didnt write a review shuld at least given the game between a 3-5 if they didnt like it. Doesnt give them the right to give it a 0 just bc its the "same" and the story is "meh".


Christian:Worse than Judgment here's why:

1. Short campaign. Only about 5 hours.

2. No really outstanding moments in the campaign like fighting the berserker or the Brumak or seeing Kim get impaled or killing General Raam. There's just not much to do except a motorcycle segment that feels really familiar (Gears of War 2 Skorge chase remember?)

3. Why would they remove beast mode?

4. I don't like the microtransactions. I much preferred grinding through the game and earning my characters as opposed to it being left to chance.

5. 5 placement matches simply do not compile enough data to be accurately placed into a division. If your team sucks for 1 game, you're getting at best 80%

6. Very little added content to multiplayer. Other than the addition of the grabbing and mantle kicking and countering system (which honestly is pretty useless online) it feels very familiar with different guns and maps

7. The maps are not conducive to many types of play (But make no mistake, there is endless camping). There are way too many open corridors which allow nearly anyone anywhere on the map to respond to an enemy which results in an absolute mess of a game that feels more like a Call of Duty game, and not Gears of War. Considering the tight quarters, constant corners, and hiding spots, it is very obvious this game was designed with the idea that the only gun people should ever use is the gnasher.

8. Horde mode to 50 wave classical feel with classes. I didn't like them back in Judgment, I don't like them here as I feel it is very restrictive and makes for some very rigid, uninteresting, and ultimately predictable gameplay.

9. The Gnasher feels stupidly powerful and can now constantly land headshots even from a distance. There is no real reason to use any other gun other than the gnasher.

This game the shattered body of a once excellent franchise. Please let it die.


Jeremy:  Naturally ps4 fans are still reeling from the unequivocal failure that was no mans sky, and many other underwhelming titles of late. So here we see them, in their natural environment, trashing other platforms and games with downvotes. Gears 4 is amazing. Yes it's familiar, no the gameplay hasnt been revolutionised, but it is GEARS OF WAR. The coalition have made a ballsy move by not changing a game in a generation that thinks change is necessary and think more is more. More is not more, look at the state of halo. It's a mess. We don't need jetpacks and weird new mechanics messing with an already solid franchise. This game gets it so right, changes just enough to be fresh, and little enough to appeal to hardcore gears fans. Thank you for not doing what 343 did to halo, to gears. Thankyou for not ruining my fav franchise. Also, thanks for those graphics. Theyre gorgeous. Just as nice as uncharted 4.


Damian: It's a fine multiplayer very fun although quite inferior to Halo V, is just to much gears of war so little has changed is hard to exited and campaign, story and characters are bland so weak, there`s never real emotion and you can`t actually relate to any of them, female character being just a regurgitation of every Feminist concept all at once, and to top it bad voice acting, i do not recommend this game.


Boring, tiresome, repetitive gameplay...... done it all before type of game. just feels very last gen. and the story is cringey and down right boring,


Yawwwwnnnn this is just the sames rehashed boring cover shooter we've been playing for years, if you have played the first 2 dont bother and save your money and buy something unique.

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