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SWGOH - T7 Rancor Raiding

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So the question is coming up now about T7 raids.  I'm prone to saying that we still need a little bit of work before we can do a T7 but some recent additions to the fold have me considering whether or not we have the ability to start completing them.  Note that the biggest problem with T7 raids is that there needs to be some significant organization around it.  People can't haphazardly throw away damage. 


Difference between T6 and T7 raid:


1) Target HP:

34 mil @ T6 (6mil, 10 mil, 11 mil, 7 mi)l

10 mil @ T7 (2mil, 3 mil, 3 mil, 2mil)

2) Guard/Rancor Tenacity increases ~25%

3) Only 7* Toons are able to be used

4) You are allowed unlimited battles in T7 but do not receive a character refresh.  You have your 7* toons and if they die they are out. 


In order to beat this raid every time we will need to have a little more structure that will allow us to maximize our damage as a group.  We had 2-4 people who should be able to solo, or come close to soloing, P1.  If possible we want to ONLY have them fight first.  Ideally one member is able to successfully solo P1.  If not than using 2 is probably the most we can spare. 


After phase 1 we have a period where everyone with a team who isn't capable of doing consistent TMR on the Rancor takes turns to hit the very start of P2.  The key here is using a team to knock the door down and then hitting the Rancor as hard as possible.  We basically want anyone with only 1 team (or just 2-3 7*) to go here as part of the first group.  When the door comes up they should try to retreat as soon as possible assuming they have a chance to field a second team in the raid. 


If 30 people can average 100k then that phase is done.  If not depending on the amount left we send in people with 2 full teams.  Ideally one or two at a time but you want to make sure you're not wasting any damage. 


After phase 2 you repeat the same process in Phase 3.  Remember that the door is again available.  This time however there's no need to retreat if you only have one team.  Do the damage you can do.  We follow up with people with 2 teams to do the same.  They should still retreat if they can put together another team after retreating for P4.


P4 is the most difficult.  This is where you want to bring back your top damage dealers who typically have a good TMR team as well as a decent arena team.  A good score here is in the 150-250k range  and we need 10 squads able to do that range to be able to complete the raid.  If we have two full TMR teams that are able to do ~4-6mil in the T6 raid then hopefully at least one will get some good RNG and pull over 1mil on this portion.  However if they have to be used earlier in the raid or fail to get favorable RNG that could end the T7 raid on a down note...


One other note is that when people do this raid you should consider using the retreat function at least for the initial round of attacks.  If you don't process a speed down in the first round or if Teebo loses his stealth right away don't be afraid to retreat.  We are very thin at the top so there's a pretty good chance that if even one of our 4mil+ damage dealers has a bad day that we won't be able to complete a raid. 


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The T7 raid is only limited to 2 days correct?


I don't really think the time allowed will matter much to us.  The biggest issue is the lack of character refreshes.  Overall I don't feel like we have a large enough stable of T7s so safely complete a T7 raid without being annoyingly organized in how we apply damage. 


Before I feel like I'm ready to go I need to get Dengar (27/100) and Ewok Scout (75/100) up to 7*.  Possibly Chewy (77/100) as well.  That would give me two full TMR teams. I'm also gearing up QGJ and am contemplating gearing up either Dengar or Scout.  The value of upping Scout and QGJ is to increase their respective potency however I may not be able to get enough Scanners to max either of them. 


Dengar is very big for me because if I do not have these guys maxed out for potency he is able to essentially reduce the Guard/Rancor's tenacity to the point where I should be able to apply TMR using the same potency levels I use today in T6.  However to get him to that point I need to give both him and Phasma a lot of Omegas.  At least 20.   I have those but it means putting my arena Wiggs project on hold which would be kinda sad. 

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So here's the approach I think we're going to take:


  • Day 1, ~12 PM ET - Kick of raid.  This will be dependent on when our selected P1 person wants to go.  I think SURGE is probably the best candidate for our first P1.  He's done T7 raids before and has a squad capable of clearing P1.   SURGE will start his turn.  At this time anyone who wants to get 'on the board' who only has 1 or 2 7* toons can attack.  They won't do much if any damage but will then be eligible for the raid rewards.  No one with 3 or more 7* toons who thinks they'll have time later to contribute should be attacking here.
  • Day 1, 3 PM ET - Ideally we have managed to clear P1 here and made it relatively far into P2 with only one or two at most TMR squads being used.  If SURGE was unable to clear P1 than myself, Deo, or superbren would likely need to close out P1 and go as far into P2 as possible.   At this point, in P2 OR P3, we have anyone with 3-5 7* toons attack.  With 3 7* toons, assuming decent DPS, they should be able to at least get the door closed on the Rancor in the first move of either P2 or P3.   They can proceed to do as much damage as possible with the door down.  Then they can continue to do as much damage as possible.  THey do not need to retreat unless they think they can contribute more in the next phase with the retreating toons than they could do in the rest of the phase they are in.   Whenever someone enters the raid they should give a heads up using the in-game chat.  When they are done they should note it.  That way we don't have multiple battles of the same phase going on at the end of the phase (which would mean the damage would not be used for the overall raid). 
  • Day 1, 9 PM ET - We might be in P3 at this point.  If not now is the point when people with a 6+ 7* toons  but without a T7 raid TMR squad can attack.   If they are able to do some TMR and use speed down then they might delay dropping the door until necessary (use the retreat and retry to maximize damage).   They should retreat individual toons if they can make it to that point so they can reuse those toons in the next phase.  Once you lose a single toon your ability to do damage becomes significantly limited. Much better to leave and come back with friends at a later phase.  Depending on what is going on the few members with 15+ 7* toons may send in DPS squads to maximize their damage however ideally we use the less developed squads first and save the stronger squads for P4.
  • Day 1, 11 PM ET - Take stock of where we are at.  Hopefully we are near or into P4.    If that is the case we leave the game open overnight.  No one who can possibly complete the raid should be attacking.  We will let anyone who hasn't had a chance to get on the damage board get in. 
  • Day 2, 10 AM ET - Kick off P4 with whatever we have.  Use up our best TMR teams.  Post updates when attacking and when completing attacks in game so everyone is aware of overlapping damage.  IF, and this is a big if, we appear to be well on our way to completing the raid then we will lay off provided there are still members who have not been able to get on the damage board.  If we are in danger of not completing the raid we may begin reaching out in forums to see if there is anyone able to lend us a hand.  Typically with 24 hours remaining on a raid in P4 you can find someone to help out however with the launch of the new raid that may not be true.

All of this is just for our first raid.  Once we get a handle on how we can do we will adjust.  Ultimately we will want to go to a MUCH less structured system because this is a mobile game and it would be ridiculously annoying to do this on a regular basis.  At some point, and hopefully it is soon, we may have to add some more structure to restrict damage but for now we just want to make sure we can complete the raid.  The real goal here is that everyone maximizes the damage for all of their toons so we don't waste any resources.

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So we started our first 7* raid this morning.  The 'Plan' which I probably shoudl have specified earlier... :)


  1. Someone solos P1 and goes as far into P2 as possible.
  2. Phase 2 we let our newer/less developed accounts with 1-7 toons eligible for the raid to go.  They bring their best DPS squad, knock down the door, and then do as much crit damage as possible.  Most people can get at least 100k if they knock the door down.  Feel free to let your characters go until they die.
  3. After a couple hours we open up P2 door to small groups of people with >7 toons.  If they have a TMR team that might be workable in P4 (aka >50% potency on TMR/Speed down squad) then they should send in their best DPS squad.   ONLY do one battle. This allows you to leverage the door down mechanism for a series or two of critical damage hits.  After the door comes up keep an eye on the ability to retreat your individual toons IF you think they can help later in the raid.
  4. If we're able to get P2 done with no one taking more than one turn that's fantastic.  We will repeat the same tactic for P3.  Anybody with 1-7 toons left will go at this point and try to leverage the door down mechanism.  Anyoen with >7 toons will wait a couple hours then send in their best DPS squad. 
  5. If P3 is not getting completed due to the bottom 2/3 of our guild rosters getting exhausted then we will send in someone from our top 1/3 of the guild to do damage.  Same deal where they launch DPS toons first assuming they have a TMR squad capable of delaying the inevitable in P4.  If we need to then some of our bigger guns will step in and clear out the remainder of this phase.  
  6. P4.  Zerg.  Do whatever damage you can do.  Send in your best squad first and demolish anything that moves.  

Couple things to keep in mind.  We will hopefully clear this comfortably.  After that we'll start relaxing the rules past P1.  P1 we will rotate who gets to try to solo it with anyone with a capable TMR team who wants to try.  That is only about 10 members.  We have to continue manage P1 but after P1 we can probably just let it go.  


Also use the squad retreat function and toon retreat function.  If you start a phase and don't land a key speed down with Phasma or Fives then retreat, start over, and land it the next time.  While that is definitely a bit of a 'cheese' it can make a very big difference in your turn.  On my first T7 practice run against the pigs Fives did not land his speed down and I lost Ewok Elder before even eliminating the guards.  I reset and was able to get the captain down to 40% with 12 turns remaining before I retreated to null out my damage.  

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This worked and we seemed to have a decent amount in reserve (at least 3 accounts capable of doing 10-20% a piece) although not enough to start doing damage races.  So for the near term we'll continue using this method to complete the T7 raids and will alternate people doing P1 who can either solo it or two members who combined can clear it. 


At some point as our comfort level goes up we'll adjust it to make it a little less complicated.   I will try to put together a raid schedule where we do the raid on consistent days so everyone knows to log in and get some damage so they can get the gear. 


For anyone interested I've posted my two P4 runs.  I retreated on both of these once or twice each to get an acceptable amount of damage although with good RNG, particularly with the Wiggs group, I know that there can be significantly more from both teams.










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So as we speed up our T7 raid it is a good idea for anyone with a deeper roster to make a '0 damage' run at the start of the raid.  Here is an example of how to do it:


Step 1:  Grab your least effective 7* toon.  In most cases this is Eeth Koth who is slow, does no damage, has no good attributes, but was useable to get Yoda for people back in the day.  Note that the first time you try to enter a battle with only one toon you will get a warning prompt and return to the squad selection panel.  Click battle a second time and you will be allowed to enter with just one toon.




Step 2:  If you get a chance to attack (this time he dodged Left Guard) attack one of the Guards and not the captain.   The damage does not count towards the overall damage on the raid but will register as a 0 damage run:




Unlike many toons Eeth Koth will make this easy by dying often without firing off a shot. 

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