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DGG Episode 085 -Outline and Links 9/9

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DGG Episode 085 -Outline and Links

Role Call

Guest Dad - 

Father Time - Parenting (round table)


Christian -
Damian - license to drive, daughter update
Dan - estate sale, road rage (scared kids), warts and sickness,

Jeremy - JJ B-Day, Learn the kids, Soccer mystery

ESRBeware - Attack on Titan - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34482&Title=Attack+on+Titan


Play Time - What games have you been playing in your free time?
Damian - BF1 beta, Dishonored
Jeremy - Fallout 4 end is nigh, BF1 Baiter, Battlefront, SFV, Gears 4

Dan - Sega Dreamcast birthday 9/9/99, Caladrius Blaze video (dgg youtube plug), Resogun (vita), Skyforce Reloaded, Forza Horizon, shooting buddy (shmups with the kid)
Christian -


Metacritcal - 

Movie/TV Talk
Christian -
Damian - Battlebots, Impractical Jokers

Dan - Terminator: Genisys, finished Voltron, Stranger Things, Infini
Jeremy - Mad Men S3, 13 Cameras, Housebound


Feedback -

Ayleward2 - Discord

if you had an option to pick 1 novel series/comic series etc. to bring to Netflix, what would it  be? My vote would be the X-wing series of SW novels, bring them into the new universe.


Jescor - Discord

Would you rather watch Snowpiercer or play Unity for the same amount of time that Snowpiercer runs?


Site Info
Online Man-Cave for Dads
We are Dads first and everything else second




Info about meetup and stream


Zazzle store


Wrap Up
E-mails/feedback from listeners
Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com
@DGGPodcast on Twitter

DGGPodcast on Facebook
@Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout
Questions, comments, hate mail
Find, listen and rate on
Google Play
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9 - Kill Bill meets Mad Max! Chris Evans traded in Capt America suit for a more serious challenging role. The Korean director took the gloves off, hit below the belt and took many risks, as well as not play it safe, while ignoring Hollywood versions of making film, which will bring in a different kind of audience who desire something off the wall and unHollywood.


10 - Surprising and metaphorical this moves grabs you and doesn't let go from start to finish. The sad thing is some people didn't get the story and go as far as to call it nonsensical. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the crazy premise, somehow makes sense in the end. It is also quite a provocative film. It enlightens and it entertains proving that the two are not mutually exclusive. I highly recommend it.

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2 - Totally improbable dystopian fable. Good scifi must contain probable or at least possible technology. This one never explains what powers the engine or how the tracks survive decades of high speed use in artic conditions with no maintenance. Of course a really good story would allow me to forgive "magical" technology. But this one is a heavy-handed, plodding allegory of class warfare. The predictable progress from one end of the train to the other is achingly tedious. The ending of this scientifically ignorant production is perfect. It shows the majestic maritime polar bear roaming an alpine landscape.


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1 - My goodness, how on earth does a movie of this poor calibre rate anything but in the red? I have rarely seen a more pathetic opening sequence. The characters are the worst sort of cardboard caricatures and the dialogue is unbelievably bad. Worst of all, the social allegory that this film has been applauded for does nothing but conjure a sort of innate permanence with respect to social 'class' - precisely the sort of 'realism' that maintains the inequalities in this world. Tragic


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