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Star Wars: GoH - Galactic War

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The intent of GW, from the devs, is to challenge your bench DEPTH. It is designed to use your top 15-20 toons. You cannot rely any more on just having one A team to clear it all. You get to reset your GW table once a day. It is your MAIN moneymaker. Credits will be the resource you will always fall short on between mod upgrades, training, promotions, shipments, and crafting. Unlike the other activities, you want to be able to clear GW over raid teams and such. Raids just need to be participated in to get rewards, even with zero damage. You get one reset per day, but the battles themselves can be done at any time. Thus, Monday's battles can be fought on Tuesday evening (for the guild activity) and then the reset for Tuesday can be used. You can fight Tuesday's battles in the evening or on Weds AM. You then can use Weds reset to fight for a third set of 12 nodes for the guild activity.


It is also one of the two guild activities that require you to actually WIN the battle, but unlike challenges (which have multiple tiers), you cannot pick an easier battle to clear the activity.


Rewards: Approximately 660k credits, 3x5 shards in GW store plus a random bonus shard, ability mats, and crystals.


Difficulty: According to the Holy Slyble, the power setting is based upon your top 5 toons. This means you should try and keep your top 15-20 close to power. If you focus on just your top 5, you will miss out on node 12's payout. Nodes 6 and 11 are designed to be challenging, but not impossible. Node 12 is designed to be *censored* difficult. The first 5 nodes are easy and 7-9 average. Node 10 is almost challenging-challenging.


Mechanics & Tools

Retreat: Under the gear icon in the upper left corner is an option to RETREAT. This "erases" the battle and takes you back to before. Use this when you unexpectedly lose a key toon in a battle nodes 1-11. You can do this on your turn only, so once the battle is over or during the enemy's turn, you can't use this. Don't wait til your last guy is standing, do it as early as possible. You can also use this to game RNG.


RNG: RNG is set based upon your team's comp AND order at the beginning of the battle. If you retreat and do the exact same things, you will get the exact same results as the previous battle. The RNG table is the same. Obviously, you don't know which RNG table you get, but if your openers are all being resisted/dodged/deflected, then retreat out and change up the order of your team and try again.


RNG is also different for abilities. If your opening Power attack gets dodged/deflected/resisted, then it will probably do so regardless of WHO you try to use it on. You can try a different ability and get a different roll, which is better than wasting that power ability to cooldown if you don't feel like retreating out and changing the order or comp of your team.


Carry over: Turn Meter, cooldowns, and health are retained per character from one battle to the next. This means that the toons carried over will have more TM than fresh ones as they have built theirs up from the end of the previous battle. This mechanic is key vs high speed teams that often decimate your team before you have a chance to take a turn. The trade off is that carry overs have probably taken hits and lost protection. Gaming this mechanic will also be key in winning GW.


**Note: Buffs and debuffs do not carry over. This is also key vs those toons with special abilities that turn the battle. Leia's stealth, Rey/Yoda foresight, Phasma's speed down or advantage are examples.


So How do you beat node 12?


I've found that just running my GW A team is relatively efficient all the way through node 11. Barriss Lead with Lumi, QGJ, GS, and Rey. QGJ and GS have assist attacks that cool down quickly and Rey is just for nuking the opposing team's burst damagers. I used 86 or 88 before I had Rey, but any strong attacker will work fine. I used to use a B team, but that just made nodes 1-11 take LONGER to get through as they didn't clear the nodes as quickly or efficiently. This way, they will have built up TM carry over ready for node 12.


So, node 12. Open with your fodder/trash team. Literally your level 1's or lowest/weakest guys. Why? Well, the AI likes to open with their special abilities, which tend to tear through your team. Use this fodder team to literally eat their special openers and put them on cooldown. Now, the next team will face fewer brutal openers and more survivable basics.


2nd team: This is debatable, but I try my B team next. Remember, node 12's team may have blown their uber strikes, but they have full protection. B team's job is to take out one or two key burst damagers. You don't need to double healers on this as their mission is to kill/maim node 12. This means taking out Rey/Daka/heavy hitters. After that, you are just taking out as much protection as possible to even the playing field.


3rd team: This is your A team with carried over TM, which evens the opening turns, but now node 12 doesn't have a key killer to one shot your protectionless team. B team has also probably removed node 12's protection, so it's a "fair" fight. You have a very good chance of winning or eliminating their strongest toons. At this point, I will save the counter attack goons for last.


4th team: This is my C team with stealth abilities. The reason why is because counter attack doesn't work against stealthed toons. C is for clean up. I will bring my Teebo led team. Stealth also helps as they can't be attacked while stealthed, so even if they are relatively weak hitters, they will survive longer and Teebo can TMR too.

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Nice.  From a slightly different perspective.


GW is split into 4 sets.  1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12  Nodes 6, 9, and 12 tend to be increased difficulty as they 'close' the set they're on.  6 tends to be slightly below (1-2k) your arena team power level.  9 tends to be at your arena team power level.  12 is usually 3-4k above your arena team power level.  This is assuming your arena team is close in power to your 5 best toons. 


This is how it tends to break down for me with an arena team at 36,291


Node 1 - 60%

Node 2 - 65%

Node 3 - 70%

Node 4 - 75%

Node 5 - 80%

Node 6 - 100%

Node 7 - 85%

Node 8 - 90%

Node 9 - 100%

Node 10 - 95%

Node 11 - 110%

Node 12 - 120%


Now if you're keeping score that means I face a team around 21k power at node 1 and a team that is around 43k at node 12.  There are no 43k teams so instead I usually face a team near max power (~41k).   When they last updated GW to follow this algorithm they had a bug which would pull weird, 10k power computer generated teams  if they were pulling up a number higher than the highest possible rating so whales who had hugely powerful teams were getting cakewalks in node 11 and node 12.   Now I believe they still get them but the range has to be a lot higher (ie they need 40k arena teams and they'll se easy teams on node 12).


My approach to beating this is quite different from Deo's.  That is partly because I have a longer bench since I've been playing since launch and partly because I never, ever artificially reduce my arena power level.  I have seen people beat GW now with a similar arena team to mine from start to finish however I take a very conservative approach both to make sure I get my full rewards and because I like working different matchups as I think it helps me understand how to approach battles.  


What I do is get 5 teams and run them in the first 5 nodes.  The order I run them is dictated a bit by opponents so I minimize my loss of protection which I will lose in order to bank TM for future, harder battles.  Here are my basic teams:


A Team - HK, IG-88, IG-86, Jawa Engineer, Chief Nedbit (~35k power)

B Team - Akbar, STHan, HRS, Phasma, Lando (~33k power)

C Team - Dooku, QGJ, Luminara, RG, Jawa (~32k power)

D Team - Teebo, EE, Chirpa, Rey, Leia (~30k power)

GW Team - Bariss, Chewy, Daka, JC, TR (~30k power)


Notice all of those teams have tanks and most have a healer (B team is the only one that doesn't although Akbar has a little healing).   My A team is my arena team except that Nedbit is there in place of STHan.  This gives me 25 characters who have full TM going into the first difficult node (node 6).  On that node I will usually throw in my Arena team unless I feel like I can get through it with a lesser team w/o losing more than 1 character.  Whatever team I use if I have anyone at all who is not max health after node 6 then I will put them in my GW team which I use in both node 7 and node 8.  That team is focused on healing and will bring back anyone to full health so going into Node 9 I should have 25 toons with TM and full health with most of them at least 50% of their protection. 


On node 9 I will again judge matchups.  This is the point however where I am ok with losing toons.   If I have good pull, say a Jedi squad at node 9, I will throw in my Dooku squad.  If there is a Vader or Old Ben I would probably use my Rebel squad since AA can remove their DoTs and basically mitigate them.


Most of my work on these nodes is focused on removing leaders (removing a leader makes cleaning up a lot easier) or removing key DPS toons like Rey or Anakin.  If I'm able to remove one toon but don't believe I'll finish the rest off I try to remove as much protection as possible.  Then I can throw in my protection lowered, TM banked teams and be able to focus out any of their toons on the first turn. 


On node 12 I typically draw whale teams with Rex or Anakin leads (occasionally an HK led droid team).  These teams are difficult for my arena team however I will try to bring in my best tank between Nedbit and STHan (or RG if things are going poorly) and throw my arena team in first unless I am very confident that one of my other teams can remove a leader.  Removing Rex, Old Ben, or Anakin as leads can make any of those teams very beatable for a backup squad.  If I see droids or a particular DPS team I might focus out Rey, Jawa Engineer, or IG-88.  Make SURE you don't focus out toons that can regenerate health quickly.   Going after Sid is a bad idea as if you don't wipe him out he'll regen most of his health by wiping out your team.  Same with Rey since she generates a ton of health off health steal.

Only other item is on mods.  My arena team has full 5* mods that include some min/maxing to get the most out of them.  Other key GW characters get the leftovers and 1* fillers.  Healers get health mods to boost their heals.  Potency characters like Phasma, Teebo, RG get 1* potency mods.   It is relatively cheap to gear up your key GW players with 1* mods and it is very valuable since you will often face off against modded teams.

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Awesome info, thanks!


I've been running up against that last node too many times and been unable to finish. Most of my problem is my bench is still pretty shallow and over half my stable is 4 to 6 levels behind because I've been spending my training droids on my top 7 toons. Is it unusual to have an account level that is higher than most of the characters on that account? I'm thinking of working to get all of my characters to 50 but this will mean that my account lvl will probably be 53 or higher by the time I that happens. 

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Awesome info, thanks!


I've been running up against that last node too many times and been unable to finish. Most of my problem is my bench is still pretty shallow and over half my stable is 4 to 6 levels behind because I've been spending my training droids on my top 7 toons. Is it unusual to have an account level that is higher than most of the characters on that account? I'm thinking of working to get all of my characters to 50 but this will mean that my account lvl will probably be 53 or higher by the time I that happens. 


I don't think its that unusual.  It was originally but the level 70+ cost for leveling toons made it very difficult to keep up in addition to the changes in GW (and specialized battles like Empire/Jedi/Scoundrel battles) that you're basically forced to spread the wealth.


I play my son's GW a couple times a week and the vast majority of arena/GW teams he sees have higher accounts than their highest arena team levels

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Your account level determines your max char level, so yes, it only gives an indication of how long/much a person has been playing.


You don't have to get everyone up to your account level. In fact, ignore it as it only acts as a ceiling. Just try to get your top 15-20 closer and with synergy.


Some toons are trash and don't have a force multiplier effect. Some are great but with certain others.


I wrote this up just for the guys who weren't using the "tools" at their disposal. Actual team comp is different for everyone. Hopefully, everyone can think of their whole roster and not just one team.

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Looked at Rogue and Wright's inventory. You guys have less than optimal top toons.


Wright has a G10 Poggle inflating his difficulty, while not being A team material. You have a lot of toons to throw at the enemy, so by pure attrition, you should be able to win out if you focus hard on the right targets.


Rogue, look at the list of suggested toons and don't level up your top 5 any more. Ventriss is not end game material.


The droids and Jawa Engineer combo is very powerful and usable in Arena. QGJ, GS, Teebo, Fives are all raid usable. IG 88, Chewie, and ST Han are also scoundrel event usable. Bariss is key to keeping health up for the long haul of GW. Lumi is a powerful attacker and healer.


I used Sid, Talia, and JC through mid game, but didn't upgrade them really past 70, but they work in a pinch for the challenges too. They just lack the power and synergy. Vader and Yoda are gimmicky for lulz toons, but other options are much better.

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Deo, wanted to say thanks for the write up. I actually ran the team you suggested in your post yesterday (Bariss, Lumi, QGJ, GS, and IG-88) and made it to 11 with minimal difficulty and no loses. 11 and 12 I threw some people in for the slaughter and then was able to pull off a win on 11 with the main team and then just threw the best 3 or 4 teams I could come up with on 12 and finally pulled it off after taking forever to kill 5's.


I had been running similar Bariss led teams but wasn't putting in 88 or QGJ cause I was trying to save them to use with different teams for later in the map. I think that was causing me issues and it worked out great to go ahead and put them in right off the bat.


Thanks for some tips on chars and looking at my line up. There was a point and time when I loved running my Poggle with GS and droids and thought it was the best thing ever and pumped him up as much as I could...now I don't really use him.

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Yeah, my Poggle led team worked for a while, but the meta changed. He only made it to level 74 and was still in top 5 power rating-wise for a long time.


I am beating node 12 with a scoundrel team of Cad, chewie, boba, dengar, and greedo. They're lv 50-70 and 3-6*. Honestly, they didn't do damage but lasted long enough to get enemy to blow their specials. I then threw in HK/88/86 +RG and JE. They won.


Enemy team was G10/11 Phasma, QGJ, GS, Rey, RG.

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Thanks, Deo!


I'll start working on that roster now. I've been using Ventriss for debuffing the tank taunts so I could continue focusing down other toons and at the moment she's one of my highest damage toons. I'll leave her where she is. 

Lumi is going to be 5* later this week and 6* asap. She's definitely a staple for all my teams at the moment. I still need to unlock IG-88 and Jawa Engineer. According to my client I don't even see where JE's shards can be got! lol... 

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