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SWGOH Mods - How I use them

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So another discussion point between Deo and I.  Keep in mind that even though my squads are clearly better equipped than Deo's he still tends to do more damages in raids.  That being said here's how I approach mods. 


1)  Finish the first three levels of 'Mod Battles'.  When you complete these three sets of battles you will have at least one full set of 1*/2* Health, Defense, and Crit Damage.  All useful mods!  Level these up to level 15 and give them to your 3 most useful characters.  


2)  Once completed you now can fight the Mod Challenges!  These are harder battles that tend towards requiring an arena level team to star.  The Health Mod challenge is open to your entire roster so focus on that!  Remember that you have at least 3 full sets of 1*/2* mods so be sure to equip them on the team you want to do this. 


Only do mod challenges if you are capable of getting 3 stars on the final, tier 3, level of the challenge you are doing.  It is a huge waste to redo tier1/tier2 if you can not complete them.  On tier 3 if you can complete it but can't 3* it then it will be a very long, very boring farm.  Sims make it a lot more bearable.


3)  You will get random 4* to 5* mods from T3 Challenges.  Use these on your arena team.  That means getting 30 5* Health mods.  Since the part you get is random, the star level of the part is random, and on top of a 20% drop rate this means you will need to sim a lot of battles.   Also keep in mind some 4* will have rare primary attributes, like speed, that might be a better fit for your squad.  


4)  Continue to fight the regular mod battles.  Try to complete all 8 levels (final is speed) but keep in mind that the level 8 finishes with a G12 level 77 Rey so it is comparable to finishing the level 8 cantina battles.  


5)  When you want a mod set for a toon that you use in raids or in other modes (ie. scoundrel battles) don't bother getting the 5* versions through challenges.  Instead do the battles.  This way you can get a set that you need with a much smaller investment in energy (10 per battle vs. 16 per challenge) and less RNG.  Drop rates are still 20% but you don't care if you get 1* or 2* and you always get a specific shaped mod rather than a random one through challenges.  This is a huge reduction in RNG.  


Keep in mind that some sets are made of up 2 items and some are made up of 4 items.  If you get 6 Health mods together you get 3 set bonuses.  However if you put 6 speed mods together you only get 1 bonus. This is because health mods only require 2 so you have 2x2x2 while Speed mods require 4 so you get one 4x2.   So when building your mods be aware of how many you need an get multiple sets.  A great example is a 2xCrit Chance (5% crit chance) with a 4xCrit Damage (30% crit damage).    


Also be aware that when you get a level 1 mod they are not all created equal.  You can get level 1 'A' mods (gold) or level 1 'E' mods.  When  you level these up the ones that started gold will have significantly more potent secondary skills.  If you ever get a non-grey level 1 mod that has speed or potency make SURE you level these up.  You can get as high as a +15 speed as a secondary mod.  


The main advantage of the star level of a mod is the level 15 attributes.  A 5* mod with a primary speed attribute will have +30 speed.  A 1* mod with a primary speed mod will have +17 speed.  So while the difference is big in Arena it isn't quite as big in raids/events.  

The other large difference is cost.  It costs more to level up 5* mods than 1* mods and it costs more to demount them. 


Tier 1: 28,875 credits
Tier 2: 57,750 credits
Tier 3: 152,500 credits
Tier 4: 250,250 credits
Tier 5: 474,750 credits


30x474750 means approximately 14 million credits to fully equip an arena team with 5* level 15 mods.  Hence why everyone whined a lot about credits when this was introduced.  

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I did not know the last half of this. I only had teams for challenge health and defense. The jedi team was for Yoda. They drastically nerfed the set bonuses when they rebalanced.


I also spent a ton of credits upgrading mk5 health mods. At first, I started trying to outfit my healers that use % max health as heal, but then just started placing mods based upon primary/secondary stats. This way, they always made a set! I also took advantage of the free removal and bonus upgrade event to move some around.


As mods have been drastically nerfed, I stopped grinding them. I am, when I have time to run a battle, running through the mod battles levels. My arena team and raid team have a decent set of mods, but not much outside of that.

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Is there a color code ranking? Gold is top then next, etc.


Kind of.  The color is how many attributes it has. 


Gray (E) - Primary

Green (D) - Primary and 1 secondary

Blue © - Primary and 2 secondary

Purple (B) - Primary and 3 secondary

Gold (A) - Primary and 4 secondary


The colors also relate to the letter of the mod in parenthesis.   As you level up mods they unlock new attributes and change colors.  At level 12 all mods are gold.


However you can get colored mods at level 1.  These are much more valuable than gray mods because the secondary stats will gain more if they start at level 1 than if they are unlocked from a gray mod.   Keep an eye out for level 1 mods that have colors, particularly if they have the speed attribute at level 1.  Those mods are much more valuable.

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FWIW since a few people are getting to the point where they can get more than just mk5 Health/defense mods.  The 'end game' that has been mostly occupied by Whales but people like me with older rosters are getting to is now in place.  There's an accepted 'best mod' package.


First the 3 mods on the left side are fairly fixed for attackers.  The Lando, Anakin, Rey, etc. model is fairly easy to understand.  This maximizes their overall damage which even after mods and nerfs is still better than defensive attributes.


L1 - Square (Crit Damage set, Offense primary)

L2 - Diamond (Crit Damage set, Defense primary)

L3 - Circle (Crit Damage set, Protection Primary depending on gear levels)

R1 - Arrow (Crit Chance set, Speed primary)

R2 - Triangle (Crit Damage set, Crit damage primary

R3 - Cross (Crit chance set, Potency if debuffer otherwise offense)


Remember that this is a maximum damage configuration however with all mods the secondary stats should focus on speed.  If you get a level 1 mod that is not gray and has speed as a defined secondary attribute you should level that up to increase speed.    Crit damage set pieces can come from any 4 locations and while crit chance is a good second set for your remaining 2x pieces what typically happens is that R1, R2, or R3 have the 2x set pieces and they are based on best set RNG which generally means a health or defense set.  That's fine.  The primary attribute is more important than the set attribute.


For taunting tanks the priority should be on defense, health, or protection.  You calculus here is going to change depending on gear level and natural health.  The simple math is that if your character has a balanced health/protection at max gear  you should go defense as this increases both health and protection.  If you have more protection then go protection.  If the taunter has healing abilities you should consider going for health.  Tenacity as a set is not effective however tenacity as a primary attribute is helpful. 


Here is a helpful image from Reddit:



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