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SWGoH: starter guide?

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So late to the party, what are the do's and don't to get to the point of being able to contribute? I did do the 4.99 deal as that was pointed out as reasonably priced, pulled Savage Opress out of that. Currently level 33/34 with 3* G4 CW Chewie as my highest. Tips, tricks, characters to grind out first? Working on getting into the low hundreds in Arena, near 500 at the moment.






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There are basically two approaches if you are free-to-play.  You can grind a synergy (same group) toons or you can grind toons that have a lot of utility.  If you grind synergy toons and just focus on them you can get to a pretty good arena team which usually provides you with overlap in Galactic War and Raids.    Spend your crystals wisely.  Buy one chromium card (IIRC you get a guaranteed character with the first Chromo) but after that you should be spending your daily crystals 50/50 in energy on gear/shards from dark side/light side missions and when you can spend 100 energy on cantina refills.   Unless you get really lucky Chromium is a waste as you'll get shards for characters you might never unlock. 


One caveat is that early on your GW and your daily challenges are arguably more important than arena.  You can drop one tier in arena rewards and make it up in GW/challenges if you need to grind some other characters to help with those two events.  If you're able to complete both of those tho then stay focused on your core group.  Get them to max gear, max level, max stars (in that order of importance) as soon as possible.


Below the spoiler I spell out good squad comps to focus on.



If you're just going for good toons that work in just about everything I recommend this:


1)  Grind Geonosian Soldier from cantina battles

2)  Grind Qui-Gon Jin from Cantina Shipments

3)  Grind Luminara from GW

4)  Grind Leia from Arena (she will be there this week)

5)  Grind Royal Guard from hard nodes

6)  Grind Rey shards from the Raid stores


Focus on getting them up.  That's a very good early arena team.  It has 3 great attackers, 2 pseudo attacker/supports (plus Jedi for Yoda), and the best tank.  In addition it gives you key characters for the tank/healer challenges.    It doesn't have a great leader (I'd run Luminara or QGJ) so if you can also farm Dooku hard nodes he'd give you an excellent lead.  Dooku/RG/Rey/QGJ/GS is a staple on every top-25 arena board).


If doing the above appeal that much to you there are a couple other routes to take with synergy teams. 




1)  Farm Jedi Councilor from cantina

2)  Farm QGJ from Cantina Shipments

3)  Farm ST Han from Arena Shipments

4)  Farm Bariss from hard node shipments

5)  Farm Ima Gun Di from Arena shipments

6)  Farm Luminar from GW shipments


Why Han instead of Eeth Koth?   Because Eeth Koth is horrible and you need to farm a good tank for the tank challenge and for arena where the lack of decent tanks hurts the Jedi.  Also you will likely one day want a Rebel team and there are 3 key rebels in the arena store so it takes a long time to develop them.  The best part about farming Jedi is that they'll be top-50 competitive in arena and will eventually open up Yoda so you're really getting 6 toons for the price of 5.



Droids are another good option:


1)  Farm IG-86 from cantina

2)  Farm HK from Arena and switch to IG-88 when HK is 4*

3)  Farm Java Engineer from Guild Store

4)  Farm Royal Guard from hard nodes

5)  Farm Luminara from

6)  Farm QGJ from Cantina store


The last you could farm anyone (Daka would be my second) but QGJ is arguably the best toon from the store and if you decide later to farm Jedi you can farm Ashoka from there.  The HK/88 makes this a little slower than the Jedi but since HK is serviceable at 4* it's not bad.


Stun team:


1)  Phasma from GW

2)  Dooku and RG from hard nodes

3)  Daka from Cantina Shipments

4)  Leia from Arena Store

5)  Rey from Guild store

6)  GS from Cantina


This is a very RNG dependent team but a lot of people avoid it just because of how annoying it can be.  Dooku and RG take a while until you reach the 70s when you can farm them in cantina nodes. 


Rebel Team:


1)  Luke or Lando from cantina

2)  HRS from Cantina shipments

3)  Akbar from Arena then STHan then Leia

4)  Rey from Guild Store

5)  Phasma/Luminara from GW store

6)  Royal Guard from hard nodes


This team really doesn't work until Akbar and STHan are on it.   Those two are vital.  Phasma works well with Lando and Luminara works well with Han so pick the route you prefer. Keep in mind that while Rebel teams take longer to develop they are currently very capable of getting #1 spot in arena even without Leia.  Because there are so many useable characters they will likely have a lot of staying power and not be too subject to changing metas.  I think they're the best over the long term. 


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Thank you Sly!


It gets a bit confusing when you have multiple energy types, the various currencies and stores, and the changes in patches.





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So I'm just going to put his here, and Sly may well disagree with me, and that's fine, but "it's just like my opinion, man".


I feel like in the beginning, you really shouldn't be too focused on ranking up in arena. Ranking up in arena is what bases your Galatic War (GW) difficulty. I know Sly likes being a top dog in there because of all the crystals you get from being high ranked in arena, but by staying low in arena, you can actually finish a complete GW every time. By doing this, you will get around 1400 of the green rubies to use for extra shards, not to mention a good amount of money, ability pieces, and even a shard at the end of a random person. By using crystals for refreshes, you are never guaranteed to get the components you need or even the single shards if you do hard difficulty. The GW seems MUCH more rewarding. The character shards for the green rubies even refresh 3 times a day, so that is a chance to easily get 15 shards of a character you are trying to level up. I can also do most fights on auto battle by being low ranked in arena, so GW doesn't take as much time as it used to when I had to pick each team, and play them on my own.


My team for GW is Sid (leader), Geonosian Soldier, IG-86, Luminara, and Qui-Gon Jinn. With the critical bonus for Sid, and the extra damage from GS, 86, and QGJ, this teams quickly destroys the opposition. I use Luminara's heal any time two characters have just a little damage, and when the opposing team is down to the last two or even three characters, I use only basic attacks. This allows everyone's special ability to recharge for the next upcoming fight, plus that all important heal if you used it from Luminara since it takes 4 turns to recharge. Sometimes I have to replace fallen characters about halfway through since GS and 86 don't really have much health. And I usually have to send in a 2nd team for cleanup on that last fight, but all that matters is the victory. That last chest is a gold mine. For arena, I fight early, as everyone wants to get those fights in just before the reset in the evening when your rank matters and you get your reward for arena rank. So I just fight the easy fight, to barely move up in rank, and keep my GW easy. By morning, I will have fallen in rank again. This way I can get my 3 arena fights for my daily bonus.


And last, when you have to save your GW for Monday, remember you can just start a fight, and IMMEDIATELY retreat. This will still count towards your daily as a GW complete, and you won't use up your node for the Guild challenge that starts Tuesday night.


This is what I've been doing and its been working great. I quickly got Teebo up to 6* in no time, and I am currently able to work on both Luminara for my 7th star, and getting my Tuskian Raider up to par to help in the raid.

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I think you're right for the most part.  The importance meter for started goes:


1)  Be able to complete challenges at their highest tier 

2)  Be able to complete GW

3)  Be able to get to the highest tier you can in Arena

4)  Be able to maximize your contributions in raids

5)  Be able to complete special events (Ewoks, Jedi, Scoundrels, etc.)


The advice I put up there revolves around finding a good arena squad that also has utility in every other table.  Investing in toons that work in 4 or 5 of my list is better than investing in a toon that only works in 1 or 2 even if they are better in those than the multi-use toons.   


In short a toon like Royal Guard is much more valuable than a toon like Dooku.  Royal Guard is usable in arena (awesome tank with stun), critical in the tank challenge, works fine in GW, and is useable in raids (he stuns pigs and slows rancor).   He is not actually the best in GW or Raids but his overall utility makes him an awesome investment.  Meanwhile Dooku is nice in arena, still one of the better leaders tho he's slipped a bit at the very top of arenas, and he's good at challenges.  But he's not that good in GW, he's worthless in raids, and there aren't any events for him.   They're both about the same amount of effort to farm (hard nodes until level 70 cantina nodes so if you're investing invest in RG.


The teams I described will for the most part get you to the 'end game' that much faster.  Crystals are the primary means of getting gear which, along with time, is a main limiting factor to maximizing potential.  


Also Arena rank never had any bearing on GW difficulty.  Your top 5 toons power level is used for GW.  It used to be the highest total power rating toons on a winning arena team was the basis for GW but they changed that and now it's just your top-5 toons.  There is a way to see your highest power ranking by looking at your account but I can never find it.  My son plays strictly as a collector and doesn't have very many starred/leveled/geared toons.  I can tell you that his GW is just as hard as mine after their latest update - which is to say not very hard.  It used to be a lot more difficult when my arena rating was near max.  But once whales precrafted and got raid gear to distance themselves from me it became pretty much an autoplay.  

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I noticed GW seemed to get easier a while back. I'm able to pretty much auto play the whole thing with no issues. Sometimes on the last match or two my first team might get wiped but second team cleans up what is left. 


Sly what do you run in the arena? I've been trying to find a good team that will get me in the upper ranks but that is something different than the majority. Everyone seems to be running OB/Dooku leads with RG/ST Han, Rey, QGJ, and GS.


I was running Poggle, GS, IG-88, IG-86, and ST Han but when I get into the 100's I seem to have a hard time staying up there.

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I was running Poggle, GS, IG-88, IG-86, and ST Han but when I get into the 100's I seem to have a hard time staying up there.


I'm currently running HK-47, 88, 86, Jawa Engineer, and STHan.   I get first every now and then at payout but almost always land in the top 5.  I'd do better but there are a pair of Rex teams and they destroy my team.   However I'm running at G8/G9 around 32k overall power and routinely beat the living crud out of old-meta teams that are G10/G11 38-40k power.     If you're already running 88/86 then I strongly recommend farming JE and HK.  STHan can be Chewy, RG, or even Daka who can give you two revivers which is nice.  


Most people running Jawa Engineer seem to be running Royal guard but I've found that Han is important to keeping the turn meter advantage rolling.  I'm hoping I can get him a scanner this week so he stops getting one-shot by G10 Reys.  Also HK probably needs his Omega (50% TM for any crit) to make it dominant so I don't know how well it works if you're <lvl80.  


I used to run Poggle/GS and the droids.  My first trip into the top 10 came on behalf of 88/86/GS/Poggle/Poe.  I beat my entire shard, including the whales, to a 5* Poe and then made them all pay for  it for a month+.  Now the Poggle guys just aren't fast enough and get beat by both Jedi teams and dodge teams.  You just can't afford to miss on an IG-86 shot against guys that will go 3 times against  you.  Not to mention Rey...   With JE and HK tag teaming you win the TM/speed battles and get more shots then the other guy so the dodges don't matter anymore.

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So a slight update to this.  Most of the information stands up even after a slew of changes in game.  The biggest change is the addition of scoundrel events, particularly the Credit Heist, and that does affect how I would farm on a new account.


If your only goal is to build a good roster of toons and leverage them to be able to expand your roster as fast as possible and you don't want to spend money this is the way I would approach it:


1)  Farm droids and JE right off the bat.  They have great synergy, they can rip through GW, they are a very good arena team, and IG-88 is a scoundrel so you get a strong contributor right off the bat.  Farm HK-47 in arena to 4* then switch to IG-88 and farm him to 6* then rotate back to HK to get to 6*.  Farm IG-86 in Galactic War shipments until he is 7*.  Farm Jawa Engineer in guild shipments.  Farm B2 Battle Droid in cantina. 


There are no droids in cantina shipments.  I would recommend farming QGJ.  He's very versatile and helps in the Rancor raid.  Alternatively you can farm the Jawa Scavenger who will help to get Crit Damage mods which are arguably the best mods to farm down the road.  On hard nodes I would recommend working on Chewbacca to at least 5* as he will help in the raid, will help clear scoundrel events, and is a good toon to have in GW as he has a large health pool and sustains it with a self heal.


2)  When your droid team is all 6* switch to farming Scoundrel.  The 7th star is nice to have but is mostly cosmetic and early in the game you need more toons and not just more powerful toons.  Continue farming Chewbacca in hard nodes.  Farm Lando in Cantina.  Farm Cad Bane in GW Shipments.  Farm StHan in Arena.  You should also farm Dengar in Guild Shipments once you have unlocked Jawa Engineer.   You now have a strong scoundrel team of Lando, 88, STHan, Chewy, and Cad Bane.  These will help you clear the all important scoundrel events which make farming everyone much, much easier.


Once you have your scoundrel team up you will have two strong teams.  I would recommend keeping them mostly at the same level as you move up.  In GW you will want to use your scoundrel team in node one and then take your droid team from nodes 2-10.  Node 11 you hopefully still have your droids and  then Node 12 you can bring your scoundrel team back in to clean up whats left. 


When you've completed all that you'll have enough resources to basically farm any toons that hold your interest.  I would recommend farming Rebel toons next to get 5 up to at least 5* which will enable  you to participate in the Emperor event.  Akbar, Leia, and St. Han are all in the same location but I would still advise people to farm all three.  Emperor Palpatine is an overpowered character and more importantly he makes other Empire toons much better with his leadership abilities so he is a great toon to work towards.  The newly introduced Tie Fighter Pilot should be farmable soon and Palpatine, Royal Guard, Darth Vader, TFP, and Moff Tarkin will be an excellent squad.

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