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DGG Episode 078 -Outline and Links 6/3/16

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DGG Episode 078 -Outline and Links

Role Call - 

Father Time - Parenting (round table)


Christian -
Damian - 5/31/16 "a day that will live in infamy!!", hospital hijinks, bedroom floors, health foods, Hot Lasagna
Dan - Death in the family, school - DONE!, neighbor <sigh>, 

Jeremy - Where the sidewalk ends, freakin' fours

ESRBeware - Goat Simulator - 

Play Time - What games have you been playing in your free time?
Damian - Uncharted 4, Battleborn
Jeremy - Uncharted 4
Dan - Battleborn still, Odin Sphere demo, Playstation Now (trial), Overwatch rant n poop....
Christian -


Metacritcal - Gone Home (see next post for quotes) - http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/gone-home

Spoiled Rotten (if necessary) 

Movie/TV Talk
Christian -
Damian - Team Foxcatcher, The Do-Over, Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park II & III, Daredevil

Dan - Deadbeat S3, 
Jeremy - Captain America: Civil War (against good writing), Revenant, Hateful Eight

Feedback -

Site Info
Online Man-Cave for Dads
Dads first, everything else second

Wrap Up
E-mails/feedback from listeners
Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com
@DGGPodcast on Twitter
@Magmaflow328, @Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout
Questions, comments, hate mail
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Damain - You go around a house to read and check things out and unfold a poorly written story. Like a shallow interactive book, 95% of stuff you explore will add up to NOTHING. That load of stuff you just learned about the family? It means nothing, the game never puts it to a test or challenge. There is not even a challenge to this game. That whole time you wasted reading useless information about useless characters WILL BE IRREVOCABLY THROWN INTO THE VOID. 

You'd expect like a more serious back story as to "why the hell is nobody home after I arrive from a long bum trip to another continent" other than a bunch of sweet love stories and meaninglessness. Don't listen to people blindly praising this for "being different" (which is not an excuse to be crap). You'll even notice that some people are praising this for homosexual relationships. Truly the end of times this is.
Dan - Got trough in good one hour and a half but there's probably double the length if you really digg into it. It wasnt bad since it made me go trough several emotions. Is it worth 20$? Well, i dunno. Think 10$ would be more appropiate but on the other hand the game actually is pretty unique. 
Short, if you liked Dear Esther you will probably love this one. If you're expect a real adventure, think it over twice.
Jeremy - "It's a two hour game, almost devoid of challenge, and without replay incentives" 
This is a quote from a review that game this game a 10/10. I fail to see how you can give a "game" without any gameplay characteristics a 10/10. This thing would be no different if it were a movie or visual novel. You may or may not enjoy the story, but a good story isnt a game, it's a book. If you want to play a great story centric game, play Planetscape Torment, The Longest Journey, Myst, even Penumbra. 
It's a crime that this game is being fawned over, I hope capable developers don't try and emulate the success that this thing has received instead of developing real games because at that point Gone Home actually begins to have a negative impact on gaming.
Christian - I don't usually give games a 10. In fact, there are only 2 other games that I would consider to be perfect 10s: the original portal and pacman ce dx. Those aren't necessarily the best games I've played, but they are the most perfect, if that makes sense. And that is a word that I would use to describe Gone Home: perfect. It is a game purely comprised of exploration and discovery, with virtually no other gameplay components with the exception of some very simplistic puzzles. And yet, Gone Home manages to make seemingly mundane exploration into some of the most engaging and emotional storytelling I have ever seen. Gone Home will be remembered for its brilliant design and execution, but also as a game that bravely led the charge in addressing contemporary social issues that have not as of yet found much representation in the medium. 
This game is not for everyone. If all you play are shooters and fast paced action games, then Gone Home will bore you. However, if you like slower games or games with interesting ways of telling stories, such as Journey, Heavy Rain, Dear Esther, or even mods like The Stanley Parable, than Gone home is certain to grab you and not let go for its 3 hour duration.

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