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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guild

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Guest Nickali28

I'll send you an ally request Nik, right now we're full.  Once we get room, I'll throw you a guild invite.


Edit:  Please feel free to join us in Discord for game chat.  We're fairly active there and will answer any questions you have.  Link is in my signature.

Sounds good, already used your lvl 85..haha funny for lvl 20 stuff.

It's cool on the Guild invite. I'm such a low level right now, if there are players higher than I am, no sweat. I'm just grinding my way up for now.  Considering I have about 10 places in the Cantina not yet unlocked, I'm going to assume I have a ways to go.

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Yea you have a ways to go still. :lol  You'll get there soon though.

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