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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guild

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Details there.  If there is someone in CST it might be better to have them start the guild since the guild times will be based on the founder's timezone and might allow timing to be better for folks across US timezones.    It only costs 300k credits so depending on how many people join it might make sense to expand across timezones. 


I will probably post something for recruitment in reddit and official forums but will wait until everyone here is in.  I suspect there is a large population of dads that would feed into any guild. 




Recruitment posts hype: 






Schedule to maximize guild activitiy:



Simplified Daily Guild Contribution Guide



Contribution: Cantina Energy THEN Light Side (LS) Missions

  • Use all Cantina Energy BEFORE PayOut
  • Use all energy on LS Missions AFTER PayOut
  • Do Not Complete Monday's Galactic War (Enter & Retreat to receive daily)


Contribution: LS Missions THEN Galactic War (GW)

  • Use all energy on LS Missions BEFORE PayOut
  • Complete Monday's/Tuesday's GW AFTER PayOut


Contribution: Galactic War THEN Hard Mode (HM) Mission

  • Complete Wednesday's GW BEFORE PayOut
  • Use all energy on HM Missions AFTER PayOut


Contribution: HM Missions THEN Daily Challenges

  • Use all energy on HM Missions BEFORE PayOut
  • Complete Daily Challenges AFTER PayOut


Contribution: Daily Challenges THEN Dark Side (DS) Missions

  • Complete Daily Challenges BEFORE PayOut
  • Use all energy on DS Missions AFTER PayOut


Contribution: DS Missions THEN Arena

  • Use all energy on DS Missions BEFORE PayOut
  • Fight Arena Matches AFTER PayOut


Contribution: Arena THEN Cantina Energy

  • Fight Arena Matches BEFORE PayOut
  • Use all Cantina Energy AFTER PayOut

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I'm ok with it. I don't have the money or I'd volunteer to start it up.

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So how do I set this up? Is it active yet? I don't see the option in game. 


I believe it's going in Sunday night and will become available on Monday.  I'm pretty sure you can appoint the equivalent of an XO immediately.  THe only things you do are add/kick players and start raids.   When  you start a raid I think it just triggers the mission for everyone in the clan and then they can go attack the Rancor.  Still not sure if they only get one shot at him with their top-5 damage dealers (once they die they're not available until the next day) or if you'll get to fight the Rancor with all your toons similar to GW and then have to wait until the next day before you get to fight him again.


Rewards are put in a pool for the entire clan based on the level of raid you complete and are distributed based on damage ratio.  IE. the person who does 10% damage likely gets 10% of the pool while the person who does 5% gets 5%.  There are some bonuses given out to top performers too.

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Sounds like fun!  Can't wait to have something else to do with the game.

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I don't see it in my game yet.  Where would it be at, next to Events?  I see some holographic heads next to it, but it's not lit up like it's active.

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