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Hello, fellow digital sailors!  The time has come for DHO to run its first official event with a chance to win silver, gold, or a premium ship!


The first event is going to be:


DHO World of Warships RECRUITING EVENT!  


When?  March 28 - April 10, 2016 (two more events planned for mid April though end of May!)

Why?  Win a premium ship!  The intent is to gift the "rumored" tier III British Destroyer, if it is available when the contest ends.  We will update as we go, but the winner will receive no less than 1500 gold!


1) Post a recruiting statement in-game; make one up or use this (this has been fixed to fit the no more than three lines for recruiting rules by Wargmaing): 


Are you a dad? Look at dadshideout.com, where we understand "hold on, the kid needs me!"


2) Take a screenshot of the DHO recruiting post

2a) If any DHO members makes the recruiting post in game, but you don't say it - just screen shot it!  You don't have to be the one to say it, but you have to prove you where there! (this keeps those that are divisioning from spamming the chat!  We want to be out there, but not annoying everyone!)

3) Upload the screenshot to THIS thread.  (limit of 5 per day - 1 point per screenshot)
3a) Go to the "Why I Play DHO" thread on World of Warships and post in the "Why I play DHO" recruiting outreach thread on the World of Warships Forum (gain 20 points)

4) Wait to be rewarded if you have the most points!


There is a limit of 5 screen shots per day - we want you to help get out name out there, but we don't want to spam people into annoyance!


Questions, comments or concerns?  Post them here.  

Screenshots go here, too!

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The event has officially started!  When you get those screenshots, post them here!  We will add up the points and let you know who earns a shiny new ship!

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Got to be in game, Earl_of_Pain... ain't gonna recruit anyone in port!  Close, but no cigar.  

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