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Game Finisher / Backlog Challenge 2016

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Just like 2015! We're going to do the Game Finisher / Backlog Challenge again this year!



  • Finish the story. Doesn't matter if it's on easy mode or hard mode. Just finish it up.
  • Complete the game and unlock everything or get all of the atrophments (achievements or trophies) and I'll mark the game in RED.
  • Games that are MULTIPLAYER ONLY can count, but you must unlock all of the unlockables and/or rank up to the highest level in the game.
  • This is totally using the honor system so just be honest.



  • Newer (to you) games that you've completed will be worth 5 points. So even if the game was released two years ago and you just picked it up it's only worth 5 points if you complete it.
  • Games that have sat on your shelf (or in your digital inventory) for more than 10 months (or so) that you complete are worth 10 points.
  • Complete any game and get ALL of the atrophments or unlock everything (all stars, challenges, whatnot) get an extra 5 points on top of your completion score. If you completed the game last year and just now got all of the atrophments you get just the extra 5 points. No double dipping.   :tongue

I'll keep the running list here and keep track of everyone's score. I'll put the next to the person's name in the table. I'll also put the point value of any of the games.

Remember....This is just a FRIENDLY competition. There are no prizes for winning. Just the bragging rights here and maybe a site badge.


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I never finish anything or get all the trophies.   Hahaha...

Congrats night!

Put me down for Star Wars Battlefront.  Hit lvl 50 a few weeks ago and have everything unlocked.


And I don't know if this is something you want to try. But what about counting DLC as being complete. Maybe count it as 2.5 points per DLC if there are multiple ones for any given game or something like that.  Just a thought.

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