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Happy Birthday Aftrthought051

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Thanks guys.  Just another day for me.  Mom and dad took me and the family out to eat last night, and here I sit at work.  My wife tried and bought me a Star Wars shirt,,,,,,,THAT WAS PINK!!  I really thought it was a joke.  She swore it was red, and that it looked much more red in the store.  I pulled up a shirt of hers and asked her what color it was?  She said pink.  Then I put that shirt next to it, and it was like maybe 1 shade off.  I laughed so hard, but I really thought it was a joke.  Ah, good times.  So I'll take that back and get a bit more manly color.  Oh well.  38 years old now, but I love working with older people.  They all tell me how they can't remember being this young, and if only they could go back.  Good times.

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