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Mr Linford: Dad in the Spotlight TAKE TWO!! 11/30-12/4

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Alright dads, let's see how much has changed for our long lasting UK dad: Mr Linford.  Many have come and gone from across the pond, but forever great reason, we haven't been able to shed this dad from our ranks.  Mr. Linford is here once again to tell us what has been going on or changing in his daddy life, and give us the lowdown on what makes him tick.


Monday-Tell us about yourself and how you found us
Tuesday-Tell us about your family
Wednesday-Tell us about all your job and your hobbies
Thursday-Tell us about where you have been and where you want to go
Friday-Other dads from the site question the dad in the spotlight, ask them a question and they answer it(within reason)

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Nice.  I forgot that was how you happened upon us.  Poor you.  I think you were still the only enthusiastic one for Star Wars like a month after its' release.  Glad you stuck with us though, and look

Looking forward to this Craig !!!  

Congrats on the permanent job. I have also had a spell on government benefits before. It's the worst feeling in the world walking into the jobcentre to sign on. I must agree with you though once it al

Great intro as always Damian, thank you.


For those who don't know I found the site when I was looking for a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild to join, that was Dad friendly. And poor you yanks    :dadshideout   have put me up with my English ways since.


I have been a father 8 years come this February and married 5 years, also in February.


A lot has happened the year with the way of work, as you no doubt have read, more on that Wednesday. I am mainly a PC gamer these days, allot of FREE MMOs I like to play.


I bring you this brief of myself while watching The Bastard Executioner S01E09 - The Bernadette Maneuver.


Look forward to bringing you up to speed throughout this week.

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Nice.  I forgot that was how you happened upon us.  Poor you.  I think you were still the only enthusiastic one for Star Wars like a month after its' release.  Glad you stuck with us though, and look forward to the rest of the week.

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Well, while you lot sleep its Tuesday morning here for me, so its family time.


As already stated above, come February I will be a Dad for my 8th year. Damn where have the years gone? I'm getting old.....

My son is great! Love him to bits as any father does. But my god his attitude at the moment stinks! He always answers back, more to the wife than me, when ever we ask/tell him to do something. We missed the 'terrible 2s' and went to teenager anger management. Its hard but we know we just got to get him through this stage in his development.

Anyway, he is in Year 3 now (2nd Grade) at Junior school. We had some problems with bullying but have managed to work with the school in getting this down to a minimum and we have seen his school mentality change, for the better.


He is just like me in every way, really he is. This can course some augments between he and I and the wife has to step in, a little funny really. He loves Star Wars, he has more Star Wars toys than any other child I know. Also as most boy he is in to supper hero related things like Marvel and DC. He does like to play on HIS XBOX 360 and some time on my PC, I have turned him into a child gamer.   :smile2  



The wife and I meet near on 10 years now,   :omgsign

Yes, the wife and I have had our moments but things seem to be much better after the horrible 3 months we had earlier this year. When I lost my job and it took ages for me to get back into a job that fitted the family needs, not just mine. More on that Wednesday.

It will be our wood wedding anniversary (5 years) come February 25th. Note to self start looking for gifts!

As the wife doesn't work, my wadge is the sole household income. Making things really tight on the money front, but we are better off than most so I can't complain about that. My wife does a great job at keeping our house in order while I'm at work updating this thread!

My wife is the complete opposite to me and our son. She tries to understand what Bradon and I do/play/talk about regarding Star Wars and other boyish things like the Marvel and DC universes. She has now learnt that I will never let my interest in these go and that she has to put up with it for the reset of our married life. Poor her, what a life sentence.


Love my little family, and we are trying to expand it by one more but as of yet nothing   :dry

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Awesome read. My son and I are alike also. Love super hero's and stuff. My wife is the same. I try to explain to her that you can't just run out in the middle of prokovovka in a tank destroyer or the fact Anakin is actually Darth Vader. Goes in one ear and out the other though lol. Great stuff and look forward to tomorrow.


Sent from the time warp of space.

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Man, I hear ya on the terrible 2's, my first two didn't go through it at all. . . .my third is 2 now and   :banghead


But my 6 almost 7yr old is a mouthy SOB and now my 4yr old, who loves his older sister is picking up on it to be like her   :lmao2


Wait. are things that different on the other side of the pond ?? I mean your anniversary is "wood". . . . get it "WOOD" !!! I'd be telling my wife "YUP, you're getting the wood for our anniversary" !!!!   :lmao2    :lmao2    :lmao2   whether she accepted it is a whole other thing  :smile2


Great stuff man !!!

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I think you find it so funny because you are from San Di-Ago.  I never did those anniversary things and really only found out about it after I was married for 10 years, so yeah, not really feeling it now.  But it is a cool tradition to do if you do it every year.  I guess it is good when your wife doesn't like the things that you do.  You don't have to have arguments about who would win between Deadpool and Punisher, or why Superman can't get Lois Lane pregnant.  You know, real marriage ending arguments.  Haha.

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