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All right dads I am hosting a fun ESO contest where you will mount up on your horse, panther, lizard, or Derpitts to search for me throughout Dagger Fall’s  selected region.  


The contest will commence December 1, 2015 to December 12, 2015.  I will be online in the ESO world between 7 PM EST to 12 AM EST. I will announce my entry into ESO via here at the topic thread, DHO PS4 Community Group and also on twitter. Make sure to join the DHO PS4 community group, and If you have twitter follow me [twitter]Rainraey[/twitter]


When I announce that I am in ESO, you must find me. I will not accept any party invites, group invites, and or derpitts closet invites :lol


Be the first to find me in the selected regions (Glenumbra). Once you see me, get my attention in any way ESO possible. Once I see you, I will confirm your PSN on this thread’s registered list. Once that is done, I will play my lute(guitar) that is your confirmation to take the PS4 picture capture. Your character must do a pose in any of the emotes ESO provides.


Once the capture is done, post it up in the PS4 DHO Community group. This is confirmation that you had found me. You then get a point.

The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins!!!


Note: I will also capture a pic and send to all the participants to hint them where I could be :lol


Prize: PS4 Game (Standard Edition) of choice ordered from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca


Recap on what you need to do:

-Daggerfall Character

-Access to Glenumbra

-Find me

-Take capture: Me playing the lute and you doing a pose

-Post capture in PS4 DHO Community group

-Get a point 


All right to register please post here.


Participant List:








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What level are those two areas?  I'm still kicking around level 13 and haven't hear dfo feither of them.

you are in one of them, Glemubra is the whole province you are in, Daggerfall is in Glenumbra. And for Stormhaven, you should be around there as well. Its the next section,you should reach there around level 15 or so,. I will add you in brotha woot!

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