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The Russian DDs are REALLY good at quick capping locations at the beginning of battles. Hard hitting guns, short range torpedoes with a quick reload: you are an "anti-destroyer" DD. With the slow turn

Is there an equivalent "Accelerate Crew Training" for captains of elited/premium ships like there is in WoT


I'm playing an elited ship and a premium ship and I see the ship accumulating XPs because there is nothing left to research on that ship and I'd like to assign the XP to go to the captain instead.



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Well, with the ability to put your commanders in any ship, I would take this over the commander boost.  I like not having to have a DD, CV, Cruiser and BB for each nation to train commanders.  You could get by with just one premium for each nation, and while the commander skills would not be the best for that particular ship, you still get the XP no matter what.  ANd it means you can play your favorite class to upgrade commanders in "less favored" class CO's.

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