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Steelninja_MkII : (17 June 2017 - 03:10 PM)

um hello?

Osprey007 : (17 June 2017 - 04:51 PM)

hello - who's our Personal Officer - we have Spazz formerly of DHO6 lookking for a Clan Invite; it might of slipped through the cracks, can someone please sent him an invite

DarkJuggalo : (18 June 2017 - 03:11 PM)

cant change channels on TS where is sly lol

SlyGambit : (19 June 2017 - 01:25 PM)

Ignoring you as always. Hi Juggz!

gpc_4 : (19 June 2017 - 06:25 PM)

is he really a juggalo?

joey791 : (20 June 2017 - 08:49 AM)

Welcome to the forums DadForHire :)

Phoenix : (20 June 2017 - 11:12 AM)


Finnegan_gro... : (20 June 2017 - 01:26 PM)

We've already platooned with SteelNinja; great guy, great player, and between me, Yahmann and Steelninja I got a 75 per cent win rate on the night. thx for the awesome toon Steel.

YahMann : (20 June 2017 - 02:18 PM)

SteelNinja, majburnett is in DHO-X not DHO4.

bergsteiger : (21 June 2017 - 02:56 AM)

Jealous Finnegan, but glad to hear it!

joey791 : (21 June 2017 - 11:25 AM)

Welcome to the forums Poe :)

SGrant7 : (21 June 2017 - 11:46 AM)

GoT! 2.5 weeks! New trailer in the TV thread!

SilntMercy : (21 June 2017 - 12:04 PM)

Needs to happen now. This season looks amazing from the previews.

SGrant7 : (21 June 2017 - 12:12 PM)


joey791 : (21 June 2017 - 05:55 PM)

Welcome to the forums kore :)

Vikinger : (21 June 2017 - 06:02 PM)

GoT marathon on HBO starts tonight. Beginning with Episode 1. :-)... I may have to take a small breather from my grind in WoT.

joey791 : (21 June 2017 - 06:21 PM)

Welcome to the forums 0ntarg3t :)

0ntarg3t : (21 June 2017 - 06:29 PM)


0ntarg3t : (21 June 2017 - 06:29 PM)

just checking it all out

SGrant7 : (22 June 2017 - 09:11 AM)

Welcome 0ntarg3t


Elite Dangerous XB1

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#1 Prophicy1022



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Posted 16 October 2015 - 08:33 AM

Hey fellow dads I have been waiting to see if this game got any love on the forums and have not seen this yet so here I am. I have only been playing this game for a couple of weeks but like my previous WoT thread I am completely obsessed. This game is very versatile in that you have peaceful and aggressive gameplay welcomed and streamlined pretty well. The open or MMO part of the game can and is ruff and unforgiving if you do not have friends running with you, I have been sticking to the solo mode as of now because of trolls and griefers. Let me know if any dads are interested in playing this on Xbox one. I mainly smuggle slaves as it is crazy profitable and do a bit of trading as well. I haven't messed with the combat to much yet as I have been wiped by significantly bigger ships and now have the moniker of wind sprinter whenever confronted. I would love to push DHO name into the cosmos with the help of some fellow dads so hit me up and let's do this.
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XB1 GT: Prophicy1022

#2 Dadbeat


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Posted 16 October 2015 - 06:49 PM

I've been playing since the preview. Almost exclusively bounty hunting, I have a decked out vulture that eats NPC pythons and anacondas. I always play in open, only griefing I have encountered was a couple cmdrs felt like I shouldn't be bounty hunting the same site as them. I "accidentally" rammed one down to 10% hull, then chased them both out lol. Maybe they didn't know or underestimated the shield power of a vulture with boosters.

I just got my sol permit and was intending to set out on my first long distance exploration trek, maybe get a few stars with my name on them.

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#3 Prophicy1022



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Posted 16 October 2015 - 10:42 PM

Awesome man I will add you and hit you up when I see you on. I dont have my sol permit yet but I am down to wing up if your exploring or what not.

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XB1 GT: Prophicy1022

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