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90's GBC/A Gaming

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Any one else ever pop out the GBA or GBC for some classics? Been finding myself attached to my childhood favorite of Pokemon. Think I nee to find were I stashed Paperboy and stop some run away babies :lol

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Haven't played gameboy  in a very long time.  when we were kids we have an og gameboy... think we had the same two games to share forever tetris and blades of steel.  we eventually got wwf superstars and super mario land.  after that i never touched another gameboy until the ds was release.  I had several games for it, but one of my ex-gf claimed it got stolen.  I would use my ds to play gba games because they were super cheap and readily available at the time.


Here are some pics of things i sold a few years back, and sometimes i regret, but they would mostly be collecting dust.  If i get the itch I may buy a famicom knock-off some day.  My sister still has the N64, and games I bought her several years back, so i could also grab that out of my parent basement.






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