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Which Commander Skills should I assign for each class of ship?

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I think it's obvious that Situational Awareness is the first for Destroyers (probably all classes)


[glow=red,2,300]But what do I get next? [/glow] Here are my thoughts:



- Situational Awareness

- Torpedo Armament Expertise for the -10% reloading time





- Situational Awareness

- Torpedo Armament Expertise for the -10% reloading time (for Cruiser lines with Torpedoes)

- Aiming Expert





- Situational Awareness

- Aiming Expert

- Basics of Survivability





- Situational Awareness

- Expert Rear Gunner

- Torpedo Armament Expertise for the -10% servicing time for torpedo bombers


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Anything over destroyer I think you just always assume you can be seen and don't bother with situational awareness. The cruiser lines I've been going for the main battery skiills

Last stand will be critical to destroyer drivers.  

Adrenaline Rush is a pretty huge skill. Dont overlook it. It is especially easy to overlook it on torp boats, but it and the torp reload skill can reduce your torp reload time up to 29% late game (I w

yeah i agree.  i never get situational awaremess


It's very useful in counter-detection.  There are plenty of times when you don't know the location of a DD and use SA to know when you're spotted.  Since that means they at least have LoS you can use it to estimate where they are.


If you learn spotting distances then the fact that they can spot you and you can't spot them will give you a very good range that they would be located.


I don't think you can under-value this skill for 1 point. 

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iChase gaming has his captain's academy video on skills updated for 0.4.0.  Might be worth looking to see his explanations and choices.



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My biggest concern is not the first few skills...it's those tier 4's and fives.  Waste 5 points on one skill, or get 2 or 3 lower cost ones?


I'm getting the statheads at WoTLabs thinking about it.  Will hopefully have people who actually do real testing and some who know the game mechanics from working with developers giving feedback.


Here's a post from official forums with a list of 4.0 skills:




In this spoiler is the full list of skills:



Expert Loader (1 point): -30% reload time when shell type is switch

Basic Firing Training (1 point): -10% to reload time of guns with caliber of up to 155mm, +10% to AA efficiency

Basics of Survivability (1 point): -15% to time of repair, fire extinguishing and recovery from flooding

Situation Awareness (1 point): An indicator is displayed when your ship is spotted by an enemy ship or aircraft.

Expert Rear Gunner (1 point): +10% efficiency to self defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners

Aiming Expert (2 points): +2.5 deg/sec to aiming speed of guns with caliber of up to 155mm, +0.7 deg/sec to aiming speed of guns with caliber above 155mm

Torpedo Armament Expertise (2 points): -10% to reloading of torpedo tubes, -10% to servicing of torpedo bombers

Fire Prevention (2 points): -7% to chance of fire

Incoming Fire Alert (2 points): Indicator of long range incoming artillery fire (shell travel time more then 6 secs)

Superintendent (3 points) :+1 additional charge to all consumables mounted to a ship

High Alert (3 points): -10% to reload time of the damage control party consumable

Vigilance (3 points): +20% to acquisition range of torpedoes

Dogfighting Expert (3 points): Improves the combat fighting performance of your fighters if their cruise speed is lowers then the enemies fighters.

Demolition Expert (4 points): +3% chance of a fire on target caused by a shell or a bomb

Aircraft Servicing Expert (4 points): +5% to aircraft survivability, +10% to servicing time for all aircraft

Advanced Firing Training (4 points): +20% to firing range of guns with caliber up to 155mm, +20% to AA defense firing range

Last Stand (4 points): The ship remains able to move and maneuver with the engine or steering gears critically damaged

Preventative Maintenance (5 points): -34% chance to incapacitation of modules.

Concealment Expert (5 points): -10% to detectability of destroyers, -12% to detectability of cruisers, -14% to detectability of battleships, -16% to detectability of aircraft carriers

Last Chance (5 points): -9% to reload time of all armament if ship's HP is less then 20%

Air Supremacy (5 points): +1 fighter +1 bomber

Jack of all Trades (5 points) : -10% to reload time of all mounted consumables




I decided to spend my points for my USN CA captain.  I've used 8 points so far so I'll be on my fifth selection:


In this spoiler is what I'd do with >20 captain points:



First:  Situational Awareness (1 pt)

Second:  Fire Prevention (2 points)

Third: Vigilance (3 points)

Fourth:  Advanced Firing Training (4 points)

Fifth:  Basic Firing Training (1 point):

Sixth: Vigilance (3 points)

Seventh:  Concealment Expert (5 points

Eighth: High Alert (3 points)

Ninth:  Jack of All Trades (5 points)

Tenth:  Demolition Expert (4 points)



My goal on this build is to create a AA machine at TX.


The second set of skills are the worst for a high-tier USN CA build IMHO.  While the fire prevention is apparantly not that good it's the only 2-skill piece that seems like it provides any function at all.


WHOOPs.  I forgot you're limited to 20 19 points.  Here's the updated one:


1.Situational Awareness (1 pt)

2.Fire Prevention (2 points)

3.Vigilance (3 points)

4.Advanced Firing Training (4 points)

5.Basic Firing Training (1 point):

6.High Alert (3 points)

7.Concealment Expert (5 points

8.Basics of Survivability (1 point)


That is 20 19 points.


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I like the basic repair at 1.

Not big on the gun stuff since it caps at 155mm.


The main one helps DDs.  Particularly the American DDs which can piss out greek fire it can be good.  The secondary one includes the AA as well as helping secondaries guns so that's why I have it selected.


The basic repair seems more necessary to me for BBs or if I was creating a CA with a focus on damage dealing instead of AA.  The damage control party takes care of events from waves of planes and I shouldn't be engaging and be the main focus of BBs or other damage dealers. 


But as far as skills go at least that seems to be very viable and I probably won't call anyone an idiot if they had it on their captain in TX like some of the other skills.  :)

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