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Say something positive about your wife/SO

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My wife puts up with me pissing away money on stupid hobbies. Motocross, Paintball, RC Boat racing, Deer hunting, Rodeoing, Competitive Softball, Dock Dogs(now), Duck Hunting(now). Probably missed a few and yes I did all that in the last 17years.  :blink2


She allows me to do whatever I want. She even tells me to go shoot up people on XBL.


She's not the best cook, but tries hard and likes trying "some" new things.


She's great with the kids, but seems to be too easy sometimes. :dry


She is great at her job as Computer Teacher/Babysitter/Network Adim at her school/Mommy to the kids that have deadbeat parents/Nurse and whatever else comes along in her daily work. She is so good at her job, she's nominated as Teacher of the Year at her school for the 2nd time.  :happyyes


And she puts up with my over the top drive for nookie. :biggrin

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Among other things, I love the fact that my wife doesn't mind my many costly hobbies (RC monster trucks, old corvettes, video games, electonics, photography, and pistols).  She told me when we first got married that as long as a I was a faithful husband and father she could deal with everything else.  She has been true to her word.  She loves me more than I deserve to be loved.

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Guest slick92

This is a great place to vent about dad issues, but I thought it'd be a nice change of pace to say something nice/positive about our wives/SOs.


My wife is smart! She's a data analyst and builds databases and custom reports and is damn good at it.


She HATES chick flicks and reality TV. She loves sci-fi and action flicks. I think she likes football more than I do!


She's a good cook, a great wife and mother, and a naughty girl where it counts. naughty-1.gif


My wife is an artist (professional paint) and has more good sense than most people I know.  When it comes to the bedroom, I won't tell the secrets, but I enjoy her being there.

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Despite the fact that I have the tendency to be a total  :asshat at times, my wife keeps me reeled in while keeping the  :bs to a minimum. She has put up with a lot of stupid crap I have done, and for that I will be eternally grateful. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful wife, a great mother to the kids. Not to mention... she's friggin hot. I'm lucky to have such a dedicated and loving woman, because God Knows I don't deserve it.



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Guest CarryOn Killing

I love my wife very much. We've run into trouble a few times,the biggest problem (my fault) being in the 1st year of marriage.

and yet she took me back and although I am still an  :asshat at times she puts up with my crap.

she is intelligent and witty also,and feck me can put up a good argument,even if she's wrong she can swing it so that she's right.

she always knows whats best for us and our family,and will treat us to things when we've got the money.

I am basically a big kid in life,never taking anything seriously and always playing games.

she brings me back down to earth and supports me in my interest and hobbies. Has even joined me in some of them( gaming,making cakes,and even 40k painting)


and obviously,somehow (not sure how with my genes,lol) has provided me with 2 of the most beautiful,adoring,intelligent and annoying children you could ever wish for.


also,she's got a sex drive that can rival a nymphomaniacs and is always willing to try new things. I have a hard time keeping up! And she's older than me! :2thumbs


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