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Found 2 results

  1. Tankers, We are consolidating WoT DHO's active tankers into two clans. As World of Tanks and WoT DHO have changed and developed over the last several years our clan setup has remained static. WoT has aged but is still being developed by Wargaming and has many enthusiastic players. However, the player base has declined and so has our activity on the forum. The need for multiple DHO clans has diminished and it has been decided to consolidate our most engaged and active tankers in two clans, DHO and DHO-X. DHO will be the landing clan for new recruits and for active tankers that do not have the inclination, time, or tanks to participate in high tier, organized gameplay. DHO-X will focus on tier X gameplay and will ideally be the home for our community's 100 most active and skilled players. At a minimum, DHO and DHO-X will have activity requirements and tankers will be occasionally purged if they are no longer active. The remaining clans; DHO2, DHO3, DHO4, DHO5 (for family members), and DHO6; will remain as DHO "Legacy" clans. These clans will be casual. You are free to stay with your current clan if that's what you'd like; you and the clan will not be removed from DHO. If you just want clan tags and never intend to use Discord or the forum then these clans are for you. To clear space for the expected transfers, we will begin with a purge of inactive tankers from DHO and DHO-X. Please spread the word over the next week and the purges will occur at the end of October. Starting November 1, DHO and DHO-X will be our primary WoT clans. Transfer requests are welcome and expected. If you'd like to join DHO or DHO-X, please request an invite here; http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/263-wot-clan-invite-requests/&page=382 We hope this consolidation of WoT DHO will bring together our most enthusiastic tankers and offer a stronger, more cohesive community. -WoT Directors: gpc_4, mrholsy, Mykk, and SlyGambit.
  2. Welcome to DHO We're glad you chose to join us and we look forward to having your input. If there is anything we can do to help make your time here more enjoyable please let us know. Please ensure you meet our basic requirements for membership. 1. Be a Dad. A dad is any male who has a child that they care for. You could be a dad with step-children, or just a dad because you are in a relationship with someone who has children. Any and all are welcome. 2. Register on our website and post an intro about yourself in the welcome section, http://dadshideout.c...rum/35-welcome/ 3. Request an invite to WoT DHO and a recruiter or personnel officer will be along to help you out, http://dadshideout.c...nvite-requests/ If you need help finding and accepting your invite, please refer to the following links: Leaving a clan. https://na.wargaming...kb/articles/287 Joining a clan. https://na.wargaming...kb/articles/214 Unable to join a clan. https://na.wargaming...kb/articles/218 There are many other ways to get involved; such as the forum, platooning, or skirmishes. Besides tanking, the forum caters to a wide variety of interests such as family, cooking, cars, and gaming. Please take a look around and see where you can get involved. Communications Discord Discord is the official voice communication application for WoT DHO. http://www.discord.gg/YKpADaU Discord Rules WoT Leadership Clan Structure DHO Links Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/dadshideout Twitter, https://twitter.com/DadsHideout Twitch, https://www.twitch.t...hideout/profile
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