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Found 4 results

  1. We currently have a DHO clan established for Warframe on both PC and PS4. The clans are separate, but will have the same structure until a need to split responsibilities presents itself. Details are below Clan Emblem [attach=1] Click here for insturctions on how to add the emblem to your Warframe/Sentinel. Clan Ranks, Leaders and Permissions - The Daddy Pants - Ruiner (HoodyNynja on PC, Ruiner2 on PS4) - Everything below, with the ability to change permissions of each rank - Big Papa - Aftrthought051 (PC and PS4), MagmaFlow (PC), Joey791 (PS4) - Everything below, with the ability to promote other members - Head of the Table - Open - Everything below, with the ability to begin construction or destroy clan dojo structures - Allowance Granter - Open - Everything below, with the ability to kick members from the clan, queue research on Clan dojo items/weapons, and access the clan vault for contributions to dojo upgrades - The Grounder - NightStorm (PC), MrLinford (PC) - Everything below, with the ability to Recruit new members - Thermostat Master - Default for al DHO Members - Can access the clan dojo for weapon/item creation and trading - Diaper Wrangler - Default for new recruits - Accepted as clan member, but has not established an account here on www.dadshiedout.com with an appropriate introduction post. How to Join All dads are welcome, though only members of the DHO site will have access to clan benefits. In order to get an invite, please contact any Clan member listed above either via a PM here on the site, or by messaging in game. Current Clan Status and Goals - Updated 3/3/14 XB1 We have nothing built yet PS4 Trading post, reactors, and oracle complete! Chem Lab - All research complete! Energy Lab - All research complete! Bio Lab - All research complete! Tenno Lab - All research complete! PC Trading post, reactors, and oracle complete. Chem Lab - All research complete! Energy Lab - All Research complete! Bio Lab - All Research complete! Tenno Lab - All Research complete! We now also have a Twitter account for the clans. Follow @WarframeDads for clan updates and game news. PARTICIPATION NOTICE Right now we are still at the entry level clan status, Ghost Clan, for PC and XB1 (10 members or less), and Shadow Clan for PS4 (30 members or less). Since the clan size determines the amount of resources to build/buy dojo upgrades, any member who is inactive for 90 days or more may be expelled to make room for a new member. Being "active" means logging into the game, even if only to get your daily reward. Any and all are welcome to join, but it doesn't benefit anyone to expand beyond our means at any given time when we have others who are just taking up spots and not playing. A DHO account with an intro/greeting post is required to get an initial clan invite. Thanks All!
  2. https://ca.ign.com/articles/2018/09/13/warframe-nintendo-switch-release-date-announced This is kind of cool. I know we have some dads that play. But I'm not sure what kind of uptake we'll have on DHO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just started, looking for others.. Hit me up. NeoGP as always
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