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Found 6 results

  1. A new map being tested in Supertest called Minsk. There are a few versions so far.
  2. Gentleman, and I mean that very loosely. Based upon the discussion found here : http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/18121-teamspeak-discussion/?p=244633 we have modified some permissions and created a new channel for all to use. What we did : Part 1: There is no a security level called "stronghold commander" This permission allows the user to create a temporary channel and sub channels, up to two levels. ( channel, sub 1, sub 2) They can create these and place them pretty much anyplace within teamspeak. Ideally these will be used to expand the strongholds channel while those events are live. Again you can only make a NON password, temporary channel with this permission. So how does this work? Temporary channels remain active as long as there is one user in it. When all users leave the channel it disappears. You cannot password protect this channel. Any normal user that has the TS server password can access it while it is active. It has all the same rules as a normal channel. All admins and commanders already have permission to create a temporary channel. Part 2: With the stronghold ID you are now granted permission to assign a temporary server password for non-dho users. Let me repeat that, you are now granted permission to assign a temporary server password for non-dho users. This permission allows the user to give access to our TS server but will only allow one specific channel. Once the N-DHO is in the specified channel they are considered to be "normal user" within that channel. they cannot move out of it unless an admin/junior/commander moves them. they do not have the ability to move on their own. So how does this work? Short version - First create your temporary channel so they will be able to access it. Next you create a temporary password, specify the length of time to keep the password active, specify what channel to assign it to, click OK Send a smoke signal, warning shot to the N-DHO. give them the TS info with your temporary password and VIOLA!!! they should appear. When you are done doing your thing, you can drag them with you to another channel, kick them out, or give them a pat on the butt, kiss on the cheek, and see you next sunday. What I need from you. 1) I need ONE (1) post for each clan with a list of names that should be given this permission. I would recommend any of your callers, platoon leaders, etc. 2) You need to post in this thread with their teamspeak user names. I don't care what name the use in game, in chat, in life, on idol, or on this board. The only name that matters is what they use in TS and if I dont see it on the list they dont get the permission.. 3) I recommend you consider this permission carefully, you are giving out access to our TS server. Final thoughts. Hopefully this helps the people that wanted it. For those that never asked maybe can use it too. We are going to be monitoring this closely and if we see abuse or if other member have enough concern about what is happening it will be shut down and the permissions removed. Don't pm me, or the admins with usernames, dont tell us to look on another thread, or "they are just my normal officers. I want the TS username or they dont get access. We aren't going to chase you for the names or jump through hoops because you need to get someone on the server in the next hour or you cant fight and will forefeit. too bad, its just a game.
  3. Ayleward and Nismo Present The DHO Christmas Vacation Contest: Dirty Rotten Seal Clubber Edition T'was the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house Not a tank was stirring, not even a Maus; The Stridsvagn were camping by the redline with care, In hopes that a light tank won't soon find them there; The unicums were nestled all snug in their Bat-Chats, While visions of clubbing seals danced in their heads... With the holiday break almost upon us the next few weeks in World of Tanks, could become very frustrating. But it doesn't have to be! Take a break from your grind, throw caution to the wind, and go straight ham in your favorite low tier tank. You could become crowned the "2017 Grand Poobah of the Ancient Order of Seal Clubbing" When: December 15th through January 1st. (Submission deadline is Jan 3rd) Who: Any member of DHO; Solo or in a Platoon of 2 (both must be DHO) Submission Requirements: Tier 2, 3 or 4 tanks only. Must be a win. Must be top in kills on your team; Platoons of 2 - one member must be top in kills. How to Submit: Create a post in the thread including a Replay link and either of the following: A scoring summary including Kills, Damage, XP, Medals and any DHO kills. Screenshots of the Battle Results and Personal Score/Team Score tabs (so the position, damage, xp, medals and date are shown). No limit on entries. One post per battle. Battles can be submitted until January 3rd, but the battle must have been played between the contest dates. Scoring will be keep on a Google Sheet. A link will be provided so you may track your progress during the event. Scoring Sheet and Leader Board Solo Scoring: 1 pt per kill 5 pts for Top in Damage Dealt 5 pts for Top in XP 1 pt for Each Epic, Battle Hero, & Commemorative Medal* earned (Ace Tanker included) 2 pts for each DHO member killed Platoon Scoring: 1 pt per kill – Combined 5 pts for Top in Damage Dealt 5 pts for Top in XP 1 pt for Each Epic, Battle Hero, & Commemorative Medal* earned (Ace Tanker included) - Combined 2 pts for each DHO member killed - Combined * Medals according to WG https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/general/achievements/ Basically the Medals that show on the right side of the battle result screen Winning: DHO member or platoon with the highest total score at the end of the event. Prizing: Solo Division – $20 prize from the Premium Shop and title of Biggest Seal Clubber in DHO – Sponsored by Nismo2016 Platoon Division – $10 prize per member of the platoon from the Premium Shop - Sponsored By Ayleward2
  4. Pretty wierd but some of these tanks just seem to work for me. What's your list of the odd ball tanks that people say suck, but seem to work for you? Here's my list with win rate: Strv 74 (T6 med); 62% - No armor (20mm turret), meh mobility, it does have -15 gun depression and good soft stats for gun. CromB, VK 30.01D, A43, etc...all better options by most peoples opinions. IS-2 (T7 Med); 57.1% - This Chinese Heavy is supposed to be just a stepping stone to the 110. You only have 175pen. All the new heavies and mediums are supposed to crap on you for driving this. Just finished grind to 110. Some older ones I still take out to play for funs every once in awhile: Panther I I (T8 med); 58.4% - Stats for a whole bunch of other t8 meds are better. KV-4 (T8 Heavy); 59.4% - Slow, Ok armor, Ok gun. just a meh tank. Hmmm. ARL 44 (T6 Heavy); 58.5% - I don't know, it's supposed to really suck.
  5. I have searched the forums, and I don't see any definitive answer to the question, "Do we have a DHO battalion in Armored Warfare, and if not who will create it?" I would like to see a battalion started. Who is interested? Who knows how to get this ball rolling?
  6. If there is a more appropriate place to post this then I hope a mod would move it for me. This has to do with tanks so I put it here but I watched this video and wow did the Russians make a hell of a lot of tanks compared to Germany. http://youtu.be/-cRkIDRmxno
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