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  1. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on Discord work: At this time only the Admins have any moderator rights - if you need something fixed, moved, or changed, just type @ Admin (in Discord) and we will give you a hand. To invite people to our discord, please use this invite code: discord.gg/YKpADaU New users will be dropped into a Welcome channel where they can assign themselves the first role or either Dad or DHO Guest. From there, dads will be able to move to assign roles and get all that stuff set up. You are welcome to invite guests to the server with the above code, but the guest MUST assign themselves the DHO Guest Role. If they do not, or if they need help, just get an @Admin to help out! No worries! DHO Guests will be restricted to only a few voice channels - Gaming 1, Tanks and Chill, and Warships Battle Chat. If you need a channel added or removed (or if new dad or guest needs help) - that's right - @Admin for assistance! More to come as we finish up all the modifications.
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