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Found 2 results


    Should I come back to SWTOR?

    I played the game at release just for the love of Star Wars, but it felt a bit boring to me. I played it maybe a month before I quit. Is it worth coming back to? Is it supported and actually improved on over its time? I really want to come back to it, but figure I should hear some opinions first.
  2. Mr Linford

    Ingame Character Names & Servers

    **UPDATED 09/06/2015** Server - Jedi Covenant Mr Linford Jedi Consular - Y'sanne Sith Warrior - Taruny Deo Jedi Knight - Ki-hoon Smuggler - Kiyenna Trooper - Typhe DrinkMilk Jedi Consular - Chac Jedi Knight - Osteor Smuggler - Probably TechEngineer Jedi Consular - Nutza'punya Jedi Knight - Vannan Smuggler - Nutzup'inya Sith Warrior - WarDawg Agent - Nutzapunya Bounty Hunter - Suss'en Sith Inquisitor - Gwad'raw rudegator96 Jedi Consular - Lordgater Sith Warrior - LordGator Wolfreed Jedi Knight - Wolfreed Trooper - Rathwolf Sith Warrior - Warwrath Sith Inquisitor - Wolfwar Bounty Hunter - Rathnon happyfunball Trooper - Nischa Server - Shii-Cho AlohaRover Smuggler - Aiea Jedi Guardian - Haole Trooper - Ailani Joey791 FirRojo Gaarafield Trooper - Gaarafield Jedi Consular - Gaarafielding Porkibus Jedi Consular - Porkibus Trooper - Orkibus Smuggler - Headlice Jedi Knight - Grandfrommage KRDM Jedi Consular - Solarii Trooper - Guntak Darkness21 Jedi Knight - Hannus CrazyDaze Sith Inquisitor - Crazye Trooper - DrazCazye Max_Hedrum Smuggler - Javin Jedi Consular - ?? Killian Wargear Sith Warrior - Wargear Scroisadh Sith Inquisitor - Avakat Server - The Shadowlands Mr Linford Jedi Knight - Zarbadi Sith Inquisitor - Jadata