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Found 3 results

  1. We are doing another "LOG IN TO WIN!" event in October! Two random dads will be chosen - one from the Forum and one from Discord. You must log in between Oct 1 and Oct 31 to be entered, so stop by and say hello! We gave away $50 for September - winners are being contacted this week, so check your emails!
  2. Oct. 1-Nov. 1: Tournament Missions We've added rewards for completing specific objectives during Tournament matches. Stay tuned to the Tournaments Forum for more info. ***Mission info update in a post below, or click here.*** Oct 3-10: New Premium Vehicle Pre-Sale Offer Premium Account holders can get a hold of a new vehicle! Check back on Oct. 3 for full details! Said vehicle goes on general sale Oct. 10-22. October Weekly Tank Sales: Oct. 4-15: VI - M4A3E8 Fury & VI - Tiger 131 Note: Tiger 131 comes with a "zero-Skill" Crew with Brothers in Arms Perk. Oct. 11-22: IV - AC 1 Sentinel & VIII - T-44-100 Oct. 18-29: VIII - STG & VIII - STG Guard & II - Tetrarch Oct. 25-Nov. 5: V - Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K & VI - Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm Oct. 4-Nov. 1: Special Month-Long Tank Sale The Primo Victoria Tier VIII medium tank is on sale in the Premium Shop with a new bundle available on Thursday each week. Oct. 5-Nov. 2: Tier VII / VIII of the Week Oct. 5-12: German Panzer 58 Mutz Oct. 12-19: Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 Oct. 19-26: 112 Oct. 26-Nov. 2: AMX M4 mle. 49 Oct. 5-Nov. 5: Tank Mastery Missions Wave 1: Oct. 5-15 V - Crusader X - Object 430U VIII - T32 IX - Object 704 Wave 2: Oct. 12-22 VII - T71 DA VI - Type 58 V - T1 Heavy Tank VII - SU-152 Wave 3: Oct. 19-29 IV - Covenanter IX - E 50 IX - Mäuschen IX - Waffenträger auf Pz. IV Wave 4: Oct, 26-Nov. 5 VII - AMX 13 75 VI - Sherman Firefly VII - T29 VI - Achilles Oct. 10-22: New Premium Vehicle General Sale The vehicle in the Oct 3-10 pre-sale is available to non-Premium Account holders. Oct. 11-22: Progetto M35 mod. 46 The Progetto M35 mod. 46 Italian Tier VIII medium auto-reloader is back in the Premium Shop. Oct. 15-22: Top Secret Special Missions A series of battle missions based on a key historical turning point during World War II. Hint: It did not take place in Europe. Oct. 17-Nov. 5: On Track Missions Get on the fast track to top-Tier vehicles; this month we turn to the Italian line and show you how to earn a Tier X medium tank, the Progetto M40 Mod.65. Oct. 18-22: Monster Tanks Arrive! Prepare yourself for a duo of frightening mechanized monsters for Halloween! Hint: They're heavies, and each is of a different Tier and nation.
  3. Okay, DHO4 members: I have a full time job now, (no contractor status, yay!), and my birthday is this month, so time for some fun. Now, by fun, remember that the Sau 40 tourney was my idea of fun.... So, a tournament we shall have, and a 'fun' one for me. This is a platoon tournament you may use 3 man platoons. Each member of the winning platoon will get a prize, prize to be determined. Tanks: Medium tanks only. Scoring will be as follows: 1 point for each tank destroyed of equivalent or lesser tier than your tank. I.e. platoon of tier 4,4,5, tier 4 tank destroys tier 4 = 1 point. Tier 5 tank destroys tier 4 tank = 1 point. For every tier higher than your tank, 1 bonus point. This is for the platoon member that destroys the tank. So, tier 4 tank destroys tier 5 tank, 1+1 = 2, tier 5 tank in the platoon destroys tier 5 tank, 1+0 = 1 point. Ties will be determined by platoon with the maximum damage. Post screenshots of every member of the platoon's battle results so that kills may be scored properly, please post all screenshots in a single post for a single platoon, or a to a replay by one member uploaded to wotreplays.com (suggested for ease). What makes this an Ayle tourney? There is no pain! Lets fix that. Each M3 Lee or M3 Grant in the tournament gets +1 point at the start of the match, so a 3 man platoon of these tanks would have 3 points when the countdown timer hits 0. Tournament will run 12:00am October 1st until 11:59 pm October 31st, times to be EST. Edit: Lets keep it to DHO4 platoons for now, as at least this go around I am looking at just DHO4. Maybe in a couple months I will be comfortable opening it up to DHO clans in general. Not saying you cannot have non-DHO4 members in your platoons, just that I will not count their kills at this time. Subject to revision Come to think of it, maybe if you are platooning with members of X they should be in artillery.... And the winners are Geek.Verve, Fyrehorse, and Dinram! 1.Geek.Verve, Fyrehorse, Dinram tier 6 tanks 2 tier 7 kills (4 points) 3 tier 8 kills (9 points) => 13 points Replay link 2.Fyrehorse, Talisker, Mykk: tier 4 tanks (2 Lees = 2 points), 2 tier 3 kills (2 points), 8 tier 4 kills (8 points) => 12 points Replay link 3.Sizmic, Dinram, TaIisker : tier 4 tanks, 4 tier 5 kills (8 points) 1 tier 4 kill (1 point) => 9 points Replay link 4. Cheers! Ayle
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