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Found 20 results

  1. Makes me want to go home and watch it!
  2. SGrant7

    First Man

  3. SGrant7

    Incredibles 2

    I'm thinking that Mr.Incredible would do well in our Dad's family...
  4. GreeninWigan


    A great film. If your into fantasy like films then you will enjoy this. With races like orcs, elf's, fairy's and others, living amongst humans. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. SGrant7

    Avengers: Infinity War

    And so it begins!!! Can't wait for this!
  6. SGrant7


    This movie is for all the dads with daughters out there. Hahahaha! Suckers! Oh... wait... I have one too... FML! LOL
  7. hueydogg

    Movie Quotes

    OK, I am tired of this thread being killed by you guys with your off the wall quotes and no one coming back to it. I LOVE doing movie quotes and everytime I come here, it seems to be the same people putting up off the wall quotes that NO ONE can get. SO: 1.) When you put up a quote, it has TWO DAYS to get answered. If by two days, it is not answered, the person who put up the quote has the responsibility to come back and put up the answer. The NEXT person to log into the thread and see the answer, puts up the next, new movie quote. 2.) If I come back on the THIRD DAY and the old quote is still there with no answer. You will be FINED 10,000 rupees from your account. I'll give that money to Pin to give to some new guy joining the site. We'll see how this works. If it doesn't go so good, I'll start fining AND messing with your karma. OK. So let's not kill this thread again, huh? Thought we should have a movie quote of the day What movie is this line from? "The old zoo, the old zoo....not the new zoo, the old zoo"
  8. Aftrthought051

    Best Movie EVER

    Alright, so we have the thread "worst movie ever", but every time I read an actor, the best movie they were in comes to mind first. So why not have both. So for this thread, you will say your favorite movie that the actor was in, and then name the next actor for someone to name their favorite movie with that actor. OK, here we go. Charlie Sheen
  9. bradt32225

    Worst Movie Ever

    So this is pretty simple. You name an Actor or Actress and the next person says what they think the worst movie the person starred in in their opinion. Example I say Will Smith and Aftr posts saying Wild Wild West and then he names an Actor or Actress. If you need help you can go to www.IMDB.com and type in the persons name to get a list of what they starred in. So I'll start with everyone's favorite voice to imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger