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Found 2 results

  1. Formerclient aka Ray

    New hobby

    Hey guys long time but I’m back. All is well picked up a new hobby nerf blasters. Painting modding and just having fun with my kids and friends 😎
  2. gpc_4

    WoT Fair Play Policy

    WG has released a statement about cheating and illegal mods in WoT. They claim they are going to crack down on cheating but their new policy is pretty much exactly what they have stated on the WoT forum for months (if not years). Hopefully, further information will be released regarding the legality of individual mods. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/17/forbidden-mods/ Here is the main section... Which Modifications Will Be Penalized? We know there are many mods out there, and we've integrated features from some of the best. However, some mods or apps work against the community’s best interests. To be clear on what makes our "naughty and nice" list when we review third-party software, here's how we divide them up: Mods that don't provide a gameplay advantage, merely information customization for the viewer. They are “pure” mods, and we like them. Mods that provide a gameplay advantage in what we believe to be a positive way. These will be considered "good" for the time being, and may even inspire official game features. Mods that provide a gameplay advantage in what we believe to be a negative way. These are classified as cheats, and are illegal going forward. Here's some examples of negative gameplay advantages from the third category. Players found using them will be penalized: Revealing the positions of enemies in a way not included in the vanilla client. Marking objects destroyed on the map and minimap in real-time by altering the display of shell flight tracers or calculating the position of enemy artillery with tracers and marking them, as well as those that keep spotted vehicles displayed, even when not aiming at them Making it easier to block an enemy’s shell by indicating their exact aiming point (for example, with a laser beam) Alerting you when spotted vehicles are reloading, including displaying an enemy's reloading timer Auto-aim, or “aimbots” that provide more functionality than the “aim lock” in the vanilla client, specifically those that aim at the enemy's weak spots or automatically lead the aim so the offending player can focus on maneuvering their tank Enabling automatic use of non-Premium consumables Aiding in finding enemies by letting you adjust the transparency of objects on the map Leaving “ghosts” of enemy vehicles on the battlefield where they were last detected Any direct alteration of the physical properties, performance characteristics, or effects of any vehicle or object in the game, or otherwise subverting the game rules