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  1. There is a DHO alliance in game, search Dadshideout and it should appear. Getting started: (hopefully others chime in) If you want to spend any money, the $10 Captain America pack is a great deal. Most other packs you will see will cost more for the number of character shards that you get. Power cores are best spent on energy refreshes- any other use is unlikely to net significant gains for your investment. As of 4/2018 as a start: Crossbones/Elektra event if available should be a priority. Both characters have utility, even if they aren't the 'best' Blitz mode: always try to get to the tier that unlocks the rank rewards. Usually 1 tier past that gets you the >50% reward. Gamora is probably a good first farm at least to the point of unlock in the Blitz Store Arena - how much you focus here should be your personal preference. This will mean gearing 5 characters and 5 characters only, as fast as you can. Quake, possibly followed by Drax/Daredevil after unlock is the Arena Store farm to start working on. Challenges-these become a choice. If you are only running 5 characters to maintain/get ahead in arena, challenges which restrict the class of character you can use will become a stumbling point. Alliance raids: We are running level 35/40 raids. Even if you aren't at that level if there is room in the raid join and do what damage you can, the rewards will help you progress faster. I am using raid currency for gear, not a character farm or the orb lotteries. On the character side, looking Ronan is probably the 'best' farm. Campaign: Heroes/Villains will be unlocked, Nexus is the next campaign to unlock followed by Cosmic. I just unlocked Cosmic (level 45 and 3 cosmic characters required) Heroes Campaign: Grind Yondu in 1-9 as fast as possible Villains Campaign: Grind Hawkeye in 1-9 as fast as possible. Starting teams (from memory): Heroes: Shield Medic, Wolverine(~7 day login to unlock), Luke Cage, Punisher, Spiderman, probably Shield Operative until Wolvie unlocks Villains: Elektra (if event available), Hand Sorceress, Crossbones (if event available), Bullseye(this was an unlock as I recall), Hydra Sniper/Hand Sentry/Merc Soldier You definitely want Night Nurse, Hawkeye, and Yondu as soon as possible. Heroes/Villains are usually more powerful than minions (Night Nurse > Hand Sorceress/Shield Medic for example), and the best will call minion adds (Yondu/Kingpin are examples, I think Red Skull does as well.) I probably missed stuff/gave wrong info, hopefully others correct me or give insights below. I am playing with a focus on raids, so I have lots of characters very 'flat' in training level/gear level. We are generally using the DHO Discord server for daily raid communication back and forth invite link: https://discord.gg/YrFjqQn Ayle
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