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Found 12 results

  1. For those that didn't see it in the WoT News or missed it in the Discord discussion, WG changed the way that you have access to some of the missions for April. Previously, there was no work required on your part. You would just play your battles and your results would count towards which ever LT, MT, HT or TD 101, 201, 301 or 401 mission you were on. Many people likely didn't even notice them. But they gave you a few consumables and the 4th one each day would grant you 10K tank XP for the tank you completed the mission in. I personally found this quite useful for tanks that I've had a hard time grinding. Anyways, WG, as always, have made things more difficult. They now require to enter in codes at the beginning of the month to unlock the missions. It appears they did however make one good change. Previously, the mission chain would reset each night if you didn't complete it in time. I personally had a few late nights trying to complete the 401 mission for the 10K XP and just missing it over and over. Now, according to their page, the mission chain resets on a 24-hour time line, possibly starting from the time you complete the 101 mission. I'll have to confirm this in game later. But that's a welcome change if it's accurate. Here are the codes for April: LIGHT TANKS: MEDIUM TANKS: HEAVY TANKS: TANK DESTROYERS: LT101042019 MT101042019 HT101042019 TD101042019 You can find all the details and rewards for all the missions at the link below: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/play-your-tanks-class-right-0419/ It appears that they've also done this for the tournament missions for anyone who plans on entering into any tourneys in April. Please go to the link below to see the missions and the code you need to enter. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/tournaments/tournament-missions-0419/
  2. We're getting the opportunity to earn the Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 for free. As per usual, free is debatable depending on how you value your free time... All the details at the link & video below. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/challenge-wheeled-vehicles-announcement/ Complete each stage by finishing either the Commitment or Mastery mission. The missions:
  3. WG is celebrating their nomination in the Golden Joystick Awards for the "Still Playing" category with a bunch of missions that award Tank XP and Credits over the next 2 weeks (Oct. 10 - 26). If they win the award, they'll throw in a special celebration for the community. All the info on how to vote for them can be found here --> https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/golden-joystick-2018/ The Missions: The missions reset every 2 days, so completing them is relatively simple. Over the 2 weeks, you can earn 60K Tank XP (the tank you finish each mission in will be awarded the XP) and 200,000 credits, along with a few unique emblems and some consumables. The missions are as easy as playing 3 battles, or dealing 3K damage, or earning 3K XP, etc. over any number of battles. They can only be completed once per account and require tier IV or higher. There is only one requirement to place in the top 10 on your team. There is no requirement for winning (with the exception of the one mission that requires just 3 wins). The missions are in the Spoiler below. Happy Tanking!
  4. Oct. 1-Nov. 1: Tournament Missions We've added rewards for completing specific objectives during Tournament matches. Stay tuned to the Tournaments Forum for more info. ***Mission info update in a post below, or click here.*** Oct 3-10: New Premium Vehicle Pre-Sale Offer Premium Account holders can get a hold of a new vehicle! Check back on Oct. 3 for full details! Said vehicle goes on general sale Oct. 10-22. October Weekly Tank Sales: Oct. 4-15: VI - M4A3E8 Fury & VI - Tiger 131 Note: Tiger 131 comes with a "zero-Skill" Crew with Brothers in Arms Perk. Oct. 11-22: IV - AC 1 Sentinel & VIII - T-44-100 Oct. 18-29: VIII - STG & VIII - STG Guard & II - Tetrarch Oct. 25-Nov. 5: V - Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K & VI - Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm Oct. 4-Nov. 1: Special Month-Long Tank Sale The Primo Victoria Tier VIII medium tank is on sale in the Premium Shop with a new bundle available on Thursday each week. Oct. 5-Nov. 2: Tier VII / VIII of the Week Oct. 5-12: German Panzer 58 Mutz Oct. 12-19: Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 Oct. 19-26: 112 Oct. 26-Nov. 2: AMX M4 mle. 49 Oct. 5-Nov. 5: Tank Mastery Missions Wave 1: Oct. 5-15 V - Crusader X - Object 430U VIII - T32 IX - Object 704 Wave 2: Oct. 12-22 VII - T71 DA VI - Type 58 V - T1 Heavy Tank VII - SU-152 Wave 3: Oct. 19-29 IV - Covenanter IX - E 50 IX - Mäuschen IX - Waffenträger auf Pz. IV Wave 4: Oct, 26-Nov. 5 VII - AMX 13 75 VI - Sherman Firefly VII - T29 VI - Achilles Oct. 10-22: New Premium Vehicle General Sale The vehicle in the Oct 3-10 pre-sale is available to non-Premium Account holders. Oct. 11-22: Progetto M35 mod. 46 The Progetto M35 mod. 46 Italian Tier VIII medium auto-reloader is back in the Premium Shop. Oct. 15-22: Top Secret Special Missions A series of battle missions based on a key historical turning point during World War II. Hint: It did not take place in Europe. Oct. 17-Nov. 5: On Track Missions Get on the fast track to top-Tier vehicles; this month we turn to the Italian line and show you how to earn a Tier X medium tank, the Progetto M40 Mod.65. Oct. 18-22: Monster Tanks Arrive! Prepare yourself for a duo of frightening mechanized monsters for Halloween! Hint: They're heavies, and each is of a different Tier and nation.
  5. Hey Gents, Figured I'd start a thread where we can share all the information on secrets, hints and tips that we discover through our many, many hours of gameplay. I'll be posting videos as I find them of how to acquire Exotics, how to beat Raids, etc. Note: These videos can and will contain spoilers on parts of the story, missions, quests and/or raids. So if you like to keep all of that fresh, then avoid watching the videos until after you've done what you need to do.
  6. Some new missions are available starting today and end on Sept 1st. Rewards for completion include personal reserves and also a mission for a free Heavy Tank no. VI.
  7. Finally thought i did LT15 with honors for the t55a (i dont play arty so i need the honors on final mission) after doing the primary mission about 6 times in the last couple of months ( 7k spotting and survive battle). did a passive spot on fiery sailant on the A line and went above 7k damage with our team steamrolling them 14-0 when their last tank ( t-49) yoloed me dodging about 6 shots and killing me before dieing himself. we won 15-1 and i was the one death, lol.
  8. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/22/top_tankers_event/
  9. September Preview T-44-100 Missions
  10. Chance to win a Type 59 during the Thursday tournaments and WGLNA is back on August 4.
  11. Summer Play Grab your friends or make some new ones, as you earn tokens for great summer prizes! We have a ton of contests and competitions just for Platoons. Details on June 29 Independence Day & Canada Day We're celebrating two great nations with x5 XP on daily first wins, discounts on American vehicles and celebratory missions! Details on July 1 Starter Bundle (once per account) New players will save a ton of dough on this multi-purpose bundle designed to kick off your tanking career! Details on July 1 Tanks of the Month Two brand-new tanks are rolling out, and the tiger-painted Patton makes its return to the Premium Shop. Here's when to get 'em: July 1 - Aug. 1: Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K - multi-purpose German medium tank July 1-15: M46 Patton KR - the feisty feline July 15 - Aug. 1: AC 4 Experimental - the pride of Australia at tier VI You Ammo-Racked My Heart July 9: We celebrate tankers in love! Check the "Missions" tab for a special mission that'll steal your heart. Bastille Day July 14: Commemorating the start of the French Revolution with special missions for just one day! Third Thursday Throwdown I'ts a whirlwind of easy-to-unlock rentals for one crazy day! Details on July 20 Platoon Weekends Play with friends, earn rewards and have fun! Special bonuses in Platoons of the following nations: July 8-11: Soviet vehicles July 15-18: French vehicles July 22-25: British vehicles July 29 - Aug. 1: All nations for Friendship Day "On Track" Events Get "On Track" with specials to ease your way towards a great tier X tank! July 1-15: T110E5 July 15 - Aug. 1: FV4005 Class Focus Study up on each vehicle class with dedicated missions every week. June 1-8: Light tanks and artillery June 8-15: Medium tanks June 15-22: Tank destroyers June 22-29: Heavy tanks
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