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Found 1 result

  1. So they released Care Package Echo yesterday for Twitch Prime subs. There are some nice rentals that come with it, but the big draw is the King Tiger (C). It's a US tier VII Premium Heavy Tank. If you claim the care package, you get the Tiger for free. There is a catch though. It's only available to play in your garage as long as you have an active sub to Twitch Prime. If you let your subscription expire, the tank will become unavailable for you to play. The rentals for this care package are for 14 days as usual and both come with discount coupons if you like them enough to buy them. Loot for the month include: An exclusive US commander 10 Large Repair Kits 10 Missions: x5 XP for Victory (after the daily Victory bonus has been used up) Beyond the Call Service Medal 1 Day of WoT Premium There are also 6 rewards for finishing the Echo missions. There is a lot of XP to be earned from these if you can complete them all, but they can only be completed in the King Tiger (C). Which means that it can bank you a large some of XP to convert to Free XP if you don't have your accelerated crew training on. Destroy 15 enemies - 10,000 XP Destroy 20 enemies - 20,000 XP Destroy 25 enemies - 30,000 XP Destroy 1 enemy - 2,500 XP Collect 30 mission specific Tokens - 25,000 XP Top 5 base XP & win (first wins don't count) - x5 Crew XP **Missions Echo: 1st Reward, Echo: 2nd Reward, Echo: 3rd Reward and missions Echo: 4th Reward and Echo: 5th Reward can be completed simultaneously.** https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/twitch-package-echo/
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