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Found 3 results

  1. So after 2 years of not running, and for the last year constantly telling myself, "I need to get running again, I need to get running again", I finally got back to it. Well, sorta. Only my first day. Was talking to a friend last night though and he got me on the MapMyRun app so we could track each other. I know I was doing Fitocracy before with my weightlifting, but this one seems a bit better for running and all. The setup seems more fluid and inviting. So if anyone is interested in getting on, or doing group challenges, just let me know. I'm Damian Ourso in Thibodaux on there. Not gonna be many of me for sure. Today was only day one, but hopefully I'm back and start putting in my miles again. I didn't like how crappy I felt and how off my breathing was, so I'm definitely motivated to get that back along with my distance and drop some weight while I'm at it.
  2. Wife wanted this typed up to share in her moms' group on FB, so figured I would copy paste here as well. Vasectomy notes: Multiple operation styles- traditional full incision, modified no incision (small incisions), no incision. General consensus seems to be that if the doc says full incision, the answer is ‘no thanks’ and find another doctor. No incision should be clips on the vas deferens, so may be higher reversal? I had a modified no incision procedure, the modification being that the doc made incisions. Operation can be under full anesthetic, full surgery, you get knocked out. I was just under local anesthetic (no did not ask for a mirror to watch what they were cutting on). Pretty much was fine except the cauterizing hurt, more or less like a small electric shock, but twice on each side. Small incisions on each side, underneath on the back side of the testicular sack. In my operation, incision, cut out a 1/4” segment of the vas deferens, cauterize both ends, then stich the ends shut separately. Stich the incision shut and move to the other side, repeat. Gauze pads on either side, held in place with underwear and a jock strap, declared good to drive home. Recovery: I hate laying around in bed, compromised by retreating to the bat cave (computer room/spare bedroom) and playing a lot of video games. Tylenol every 6-8 hours. I declined to fill the prescription painkiller as if I got to feeling to good I might decide I was fine and start doing stuff and not realize it hurt. Minor oops, I did not ice the area like I was supposed to in the first 24 hours. Operation on a Thursday evening, was feeling pretty good by Monday. Slept during the day Monday as we had a family trip, I was going to drive all night Monday night into Tuesday morning. Probably helped more with the packing than I should have. Was feeling good enough that I skipped the jock strap figuring I was healed enough and jock strap and driving would not be a good thing. Might not have been, but result of the drive was 1-2 decent hematomas. For reference, 16 hour drive. For scare purposes, everyone is familiar with ‘balls in a vice’? Yeah. Not fun. Hurts. Still doing Tylenol every 6-8 hours. With the hematomas consent to arnica montana pellets 200ck grade, 6 pellets every 4-6 hours. Probably helped, cannot confirm as it is not an experience I particularly care to repeat for purposes of science. Might have helped earlier in the process. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00014DQ42/ref=sr_ph_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1483066502&sr=sr-1&keywords=arnica+montana Tight underwear or no, still need some additional support. Wife gets a pair of compression shorts- personally think they work better than the jock strap as they cover the entire area, no pinch points. Taking arnica, Tylenol, and Juice Plus capsules at this point, and generally on the mend after a rough couple days. The JP capsules fall into same category as the arnica. Did it help? Maybe. Do I want to repeat to see? No. Hematomas go from unbearable to tolerable. Begin downsizing and gone after 7-10 days. In theory should have been around longer, but see comments on the above ‘For Science!’. By 9 days after the operation, feeling okay, not great, but okay. Declining the Tylenol now and again, under wife orders on the arnica and JP. Near enough 2 weeks post-op, feeling decent, can occasionally feel stitches pull going over baby gates. Still wearing the compression shorts. Underwear, shorts, pants. Probably will try to go without the compression shorts when I go back to work; could try skipping them earlier, but after round 1 of no support, I think I will avoid that. Ayle
  3. Looking for any Dad's with experience with senior dogs. We have a 10 year old Sheltie - Jake. Aside from being on Denamarin and Actigal for his liver and gall bladder, he is generally very regular when it comes to his bowel movements. He is on a senior dog formula and that keeps him on point. Throughout his youth he would get table scraps, usually the good stuff, Salmon, chicken, beef, steak, green beans. He would never have an issue. I have noticed in the past 6-mo to year that this is no longer the case. Boiled chicken and rice are fine, but white meat from a rotisserie chicken sets him off. He loves to beg my wife and kid for food, to the point where I get peeved. We have been doing much better with the giving him scraps. Currently dealing with a bout of the semi-runs. He's been checked out by the vet and there nothing in is lab work, weight is steady. eating, drinking and acting as normal. We will give him bland food for a day or two then back to his normal food. he has been "on and off" for about two weeks. I wondering if i just need to go longer and allow his gut health to recover. Going mix some pumpkin with his food for a couple of days to get his gut health back up. Has anyone tried a probiotic for dogs? Enough of my rambling, just seeing if anyone has some experience with dog and sensitive guts.
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