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Found 7 results

  1. For anyone that hasn't heard about this deal, it ends very soon. MS announced a new service at E3 called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This service includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC for one monthly fee. Now, why is this a great deal? Well, currently, if you pay the $1 for one month of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, any remaining Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscription you have will automatically be upgraded to Ultimate for the remainder of your subscription at no additional cost beyond that $1. So, as an example, if you have 13 months of Xbox Live Gold remaining on your account but have no Xbox Game Pass subscription and you pay the $1 for the upgrade, all 13 remaining months will be converted into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That means you'll get Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game for PC for the next 13 months for $1. That's a fantastic deal! Personally, my Xbox Live Gold was good until May 2020. My Xbox Game Pass was set to expire in November 2019. So upon hearing about this deal, I went and bought another year of Xbox Live Gold. Once I completed my upgrade, my account has now been upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate until May 2021. I always have Xbox Live Gold anyways, so getting Game Pass (Xbox & PC) for the next 2 years for $1 is a great buy! Even if you don't know whether or not you'd like Game Pass, paying $1 to try it out is still a great deal. You get the opportunity to play over 100 games as much as you'd like until your sub runs out. The deal is supposed to only be good during E3, so you have to act quick if you want to get in on it.
  2. Hey Dads! I'm hosting a contest next Wednesday night, Nov 21st. The contest will start at 8pm EST and end at 11pm EST. It is open to ALL dads that are part of the DHO site, regardless of which clan you're currently in. (I may be late to start it up, but Ayleward has agreed to get it going in case I'm not there yet. Need to start early enough to get those East Coasters in eh!) The event will have 3 prizes: 1st Prize - 100 Gold per participant to a max of 2,000 Gold! 2nd Prize - 750 Gold 3rd Prize - 500 Gold The rules for the event are as follows: -The contest is limited to tier V derp tanks. (See below for most, if not all of the relevant tank & gun combos) -HE is not required, but the derp gun is. Firing HEAT or HE out of the derp gun is allowed. -Top 3 single highest damage battles will win the prizes. -Only your highest damage battle will be counted, so each person can only win one prize. -You need to Super Drop with everyone which will be coordinated through Discord. -You need to be in the Discord server any time after 8pm EST and before the last battle drops around 10:45pm EST. (I will request a channel specially named for this event from one of the WoT Discord Admins) -In the event of a tie for any position, we will start a training room and the two people tied for a position will duel to the death. The person who loses will drop down to the next position in the standings. -Keep a screen shot of your highest battles to post here for verification after. Platoons are not required, but are encouraged. People are welcome to stream the event. Google Doc Link to track progress: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UAnLSDOmPfDG14Rbw6QcNIzi_S2GmGhIXAz8P5HZTVw/edit?usp=sharing Tier V Derp Combos AT 2 (UK), 3.7-inch AT Howitzer Churchill I (UK), OQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. I Crusader (UK), OQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. I KV-I (USSR), 122mm U-11 KV-IS (USSR), 122mm Howitzer S-41 M10 Wolverine (US), 105mm AT M4 M4 Sherman (US), 105mm M4 O-I exp. (JPN), 12 cm Short Barrel Gun Pz. Kpfw. IV Ausf. H (Ger), 10.5 cm Kw.K. L/28 Renault G1 (Fr), 105mm court mle. 1934 Sherman III (UK), 105mm M4 StuG III Ausf. G (Ger), 10.5cm Stu.H. 42 L/28 SU-85 (USSR), 122mm M-30S VK 30.01 H (Ger), 10.5cm Kw.K. L/28.
  3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/b/xbox-deals?icid=deals-page_CP_Nav3_xboxdeals
  4. Hi all, I just noticed World of Tanks put out an activation code for 500 free gold and seven premium days. Enter this code: PLAYTWA You have to go to the World of Tanks website and log in using your usual password. Then click on your name in the top right corner. You will see a menu drop down, and at the bottom it says “Activate Wargaming Code.” Click on that, and you’ll get a small window with space to write in the code. Once you’ve put in the code, you should get your gold and premium days AFTER the Update 1.0 happens. I think you have to activate this code BEFORE the update though, so try to do it now. Happy Tanking, Finn
  5. Hey folks! Meant to post this the other day and forgot about it... Costco (Canada at least) is have a sale on it's Digital Code for 12 Months of Xbox Live Gold. It's currently discounted to $44.99. The sale ends on Dec 31, 2016. Get it while it's cheap... providing you have a Costco sub. http://m.costco.ca/12-Month-Xbox-Live-Gold-Membership-%E2%80%93-Digital-download.product.100286244.html
  6. For all of you forum goers you've probably noticed that DHO-X has been very active in both the Wargaming Fantasy League and doing the 4th Clan Wars Campaign. In both of these events DHO-X was able to exceed anyones expectations. In the campaign I expected us to get fewer than 5 tanks but of the 16 'hard commits' as of right now it looks like all 16 will be getting tanks. Vinsent is the 16th and is right on the edge but as of midnight tonight in our loss against OTTER we think he's got it by 50 or so spots. In WGL Fantasy DHO-X has been consistently one of the top participating clans. This season DHO-X managed to make 200,000 gold by coming in second place behind RDDT. So as a token of our appreciation mrholsy received 5,000 gold for his work on both WGL Fantasy and Clan Wars and 2,500 gold to The_Dad for the work he did in clan wars. Spend it all in one place, boys. GG
  7. I'll post to this thread to notify of any gold payouts DHO-X does. PM me if I ever screw up and miss you. The list is somewhat manually built, so yeah, human error. Data for play activity comes straight from the WoT website. TODO: Add payout rules when I feel like it.
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