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Found 2 results

  1. Surprise! There is a new tier 8 premium on pre-sale this weekend...the HWK 30, a German LT. The tank is available to purchase if you have a premium account. It will probably be on sale for everyone later this month. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/hwk-30-pre-sale-0319/ This is a very lazy premium. There's really nothing outstanding about it. It's fine...which I guess is better then having a new OP premium or just a garbage tank. It looks like an RU 251 with a Leopard 1 turret...and it plays like an RU. That is pretty much it. There is no armor. The DPM and gun handling are middling. The mobility looks good with 70kph top speed, but it feels lackluster as the power-to-weight is on the low end of its class/tier. What's good? 410 base view range is tied with best in class/tier. -10 gun depression is always nice. It gets HEP rounds (high pen HE), which can be great fun. The German LT line is a bad to mediocre line and there is already a tier 8 premium, the M41 90 (technically two premiums, the M41 90 and Blackdog), which is better. I'd play the HWK 30 over all the tech tree tier 8 LTs, except for possibly the WZ-132. I'd play all the tier 8 premium LTs over the HWK 30, except for maybe the T92. So....it's meh. No reason to purchase unless you're someone that collects tanks or someone that has to have every LT (I'm latter). Here's some first day ace gameplay. Things to enjoy..... 1. A Progetto flipping on his side, asking for help, and I don't notice. Progetto stays in same place all battle. 2. I start to type a message in chat and sit behind a ridge for far too long. Decide not to send the message. 3. Testing out a HEP round on the back of a Jagzilla and doing zero damage. 4. After the Jagzilla is destroyed it takes me several seconds to realize there is still an enemy on the other side of the map (Situational awareness FTW!) http://wotreplays.eu/site/4807045#ruinberg-gpc_4-hwk_30
  2. gpc_4

    German TDs

    Alright TD peeps, where would you place your best German TD crew? I don’t particularly care about either line but I picked up the Grille loot box skin and have a bunch of relevant premiums (StuG IV, DMax, K-S Waffle, Skorp), so I might as well start towards that tier X. I have the Jagdpanzer E100 researched and need to buy the St. Emil for the other line. I have two crews, one of which is considerably better. So which line is more relevant, more fun, and would benefit the most from a strong crew?
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