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Found 3 results

  1. Changes to Frontline mode: Changed the number Combat Reserves slots available for each vehicle type — the new amounts are as follows: Light tanks: 1 slot (instead of 3) Medium tanks: 2 slots (instead of 1) Heavy tanks: 3 slots (instead of 1) Tank Destroyers: No changes (2 slots) SPGs: 1 slot (instead of 3) Decreased respawn cooldown from 30 to 10 seconds. Increased the repair cooldown of destroyed vehicles from 5 to 7 minutes; reinforcement cooldown remains unchanged. The objectives (pillboxes with the large-caliber guns) now spot enemy vehicles of the attacking team according to the standard rules of spotting. The view range of the pillboxes is 445 meters. Personally, I really enjoyed playing the LT's with the 3 slots. But, in my opinion, they did seem a little too good with them, especially the EBRs. Taking them away from SPG's has been long overdue. The most spammed class in the entire game mode. They shouldn't be able to call in air strikes or artillery strikes anyways. In a real battle, the unit calling in the strike can actually see the target. Wouldn't that be an interesting twist... The Heavy & Medium tanks are going to benefit from having more than one slot. They are the tanks in the heat of the battle. They should have always had more reserves running. I almost exclusively only ran Engineering on my HT's and MT's because it seemed like the only real one that could help on either offence or defence as you never know which side you're going to end up on. Decreasing the cool down is fantastic. Not that I die a lot, but that 30 seconds between was far too long. Not a huge fan of the repair cool down, but it means that people spamming the same tank (especially an OP tank) will have to wait longer to get back into that tank. I really like the idea of the objectives being able to spot. No longer will an EBR be able to sneak and get to the farthest possible objective on the other side of the map without being seen. Or at least it will make it much harder. Anyone who sneaks to the back and is visible will be open to artillery and air strikes and will be hunted down much easier. Overall, I think the changes are for the better.
  2. Harkonnen estimates that the Premium EBR may come with update 1.4. He can't currently confirm that yet though... That would put the rest of the line with 1.5. Looks like my guesstimate was pretty close if all this information is correct. His estimated update schedule: Jan 17 or 18: 1st Common Test for 1.4 Jan 24 or 25: 2nd Common Test for 1.4 Feb 6: 1.4 goes Live All the details are here: https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-tanks/world-of-tanks-update-1-4-possible-dates/ Frontline is expected in 1.4 as well. Also, some MM changes that have been tested on the Asian server. Maybe @stewiejp can elaborate on what those look like...
  3. So the new frontline mode starts today, I'm pretty excited a chance to rack up a lot of credits, hopefully they don't nerf the amount of credits you earn! Also the chance to win some bonds plus camo ! Enjoy and good luck.
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