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Found 4 results

  1. Dark Front is a Co-Op PvE mode where five players team up and fight forces of evil. A fast-paced action mission, take control of an MT-25 and explore the Underworld. It goes live Thursday, Oct 18. This year Halloween event will be a testing ground for the possibility of introducing PvE mission to the game. These might be closer than we think, with the recent introduction of bots, for low tier battles, in the North American region, we soon could see a brand new permanent PvE mode in the game. The WoT NA site still hasn't posted the official info, but they did post the video on YouTube... I'll post the news info once it's available.
  2. We are doing another "LOG IN TO WIN!" event in October! Two random dads will be chosen - one from the Forum and one from Discord. You must log in between Oct 1 and Oct 31 to be entered, so stop by and say hello! We gave away $50 for September - winners are being contacted this week, so check your emails!
  3. Chance to win a Type 59 during the Thursday tournaments and WGLNA is back on August 4.
  4. Summer Play Grab your friends or make some new ones, as you earn tokens for great summer prizes! We have a ton of contests and competitions just for Platoons. Details on June 29 Independence Day & Canada Day We're celebrating two great nations with x5 XP on daily first wins, discounts on American vehicles and celebratory missions! Details on July 1 Starter Bundle (once per account) New players will save a ton of dough on this multi-purpose bundle designed to kick off your tanking career! Details on July 1 Tanks of the Month Two brand-new tanks are rolling out, and the tiger-painted Patton makes its return to the Premium Shop. Here's when to get 'em: July 1 - Aug. 1: Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K - multi-purpose German medium tank July 1-15: M46 Patton KR - the feisty feline July 15 - Aug. 1: AC 4 Experimental - the pride of Australia at tier VI You Ammo-Racked My Heart July 9: We celebrate tankers in love! Check the "Missions" tab for a special mission that'll steal your heart. Bastille Day July 14: Commemorating the start of the French Revolution with special missions for just one day! Third Thursday Throwdown I'ts a whirlwind of easy-to-unlock rentals for one crazy day! Details on July 20 Platoon Weekends Play with friends, earn rewards and have fun! Special bonuses in Platoons of the following nations: July 8-11: Soviet vehicles July 15-18: French vehicles July 22-25: British vehicles July 29 - Aug. 1: All nations for Friendship Day "On Track" Events Get "On Track" with specials to ease your way towards a great tier X tank! July 1-15: T110E5 July 15 - Aug. 1: FV4005 Class Focus Study up on each vehicle class with dedicated missions every week. June 1-8: Light tanks and artillery June 8-15: Medium tanks June 15-22: Tank destroyers June 22-29: Heavy tanks
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