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  1. Welcome everyone to our new section for Streaming!! Please post here for any questions/comments/concerns/tips/set-up you may have about streaming. I'd love to see our streaming community take off and be recognized! Also, if you are a streamer and want to be announced that you're streaming on the Discord side of things, please reply here or in the streaming channel on Discord with either your Twitch ID, Mixer ID# or YouTube name and I'll get you added to our bot that will automatically announce on there that you're streaming when it sees that you've started.
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm working on a "How to Discord" video for those new to Discord. I already have an outline in place with some of the basics that i think need to be covered. But i wanted to reach out to all of you here and see if there are any questions you guys might have that i can cover in my video. So...any questions you have about discord, please drop them here and I'll add them to my video if I hadn't already thought to cover it. I'm going to try my hardest to keep the video between 5 and 10 minutes. I don't want to drag it out too long cause then it'll just get boring.
  3. The ol’ Tanks and Chill Discord server is being shutdown and WoT content will be added to the official DHO Discord server. The new chat and voice channels are open, so migrate over to that server with your Wargaming content. There are two WoT related roles; @Tanker and @DHO X. If you want notifications related to WoT in-game activity then you’ll need these roles. Tanker is for general stuff; looking for platoonmates or filling out a skirm team. DHO X will be how they organize activity; there’s an advance tonight, we need two more for CWs, stuff like that. I look forward to seeing you on the new server!
  4. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on Discord work: At this time only the Admins have any moderator rights - if you need something fixed, moved, or changed, just type @ Admin (in Discord) and we will give you a hand. To invite people to our discord, please use this invite code: discord.gg/YKpADaU New users will be dropped into a Welcome channel where they can assign themselves the first role or either Dad or DHO Guest. From there, dads will be able to move to assign roles and get all that stuff set up. You are welcome to invite guests to the server with the above code, but the guest MUST assign themselves the DHO Guest Role. If they do not, or if they need help, just get an @Admin to help out! No worries! DHO Guests will be restricted to only a few voice channels - Gaming 1, Tanks and Chill, and Warships Battle Chat. If you need a channel added or removed (or if new dad or guest needs help) - that's right - @Admin for assistance! More to come as we finish up all the modifications.
  5. You may have seen that I stated how we have a DHO discord server. Well, there is also an official DHO WoT discord server just for you tankers. T3 IS STILL OUR OFFICIAL VOICE COMMS SERVER. BUT..discord has some great chat functions as well as mobile apps. You can get alerted when someone mentions a specific game, or tank division for us, and mute others. There is some good functionality to this as we are not always online, but might want to know what is going on, or let our troops know what is happening. If you haven't signed up, I really hope you do and try it out. Also download the app to your phone, either Android or iPhone. Come play around with us. Link to join Discord server: https://discord.gg/BN6M4YU
  6. Welcome to DHO We're glad you chose to join us and we look forward to having your input. If there is anything we can do to help make your time here more enjoyable please let us know. Please ensure you meet our basic requirements for membership. 1. Be a Dad. A dad is any male who has a child that they care for. You could be a dad with step-children, or just a dad because you are in a relationship with someone who has children. Any and all are welcome. 2. Register on our website and post an intro about yourself in the welcome section, http://dadshideout.c...rum/35-welcome/ 3. Request an invite to WoT DHO and a recruiter or personnel officer will be along to help you out, http://dadshideout.c...nvite-requests/ If you need help finding and accepting your invite, please refer to the following links: Leaving a clan. https://na.wargaming...kb/articles/287 Joining a clan. https://na.wargaming...kb/articles/214 Unable to join a clan. https://na.wargaming...kb/articles/218 There are many other ways to get involved; such as the forum, platooning, or skirmishes. Besides tanking, the forum caters to a wide variety of interests such as family, cooking, cars, and gaming. Please take a look around and see where you can get involved. Communications Discord Discord is the official voice communication application for WoT DHO. http://www.discord.gg/YKpADaU Discord Rules WoT Leadership Clan Structure DHO Links Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/dadshideout Twitter, https://twitter.com/DadsHideout Twitch, https://www.twitch.t...hideout/profile
  7. Hey dads, thanks to Taroate, we now have a Discord server set up officially for DHO. Now, what is discord? I know, I thought the same thing. Credit goes to gpc as well who hounded the crap out of us to try it out for WoT, but I just had no interest. I should have listened to him, but I didn't, and so I'm sorry. Discord is a freaking GREAT way to connect as gamers. I'm not saying you have to use this as a chat application, even though chat is there for you to use. But what is so outstanding about this app is that first of all, you can use it on your phone (both Android and iPhone). This app will actually send you an alert anytime you want to be notified about a certain game. So let's say DerPitts wants to jump online and play some Borderlands. He can just put out a message of, "hey dads, looking for someone to join me in some #borderlands". So now, every dad who has this app, will get an alert on their phone that someone is using the hashtag "borderlands". We always have our phones on us. So now you can know that someone is looking to play a game you like, as long as you selected to get notification for this game. So you can pick and choose the game. Don't care about Grand Theft Auto, then you just don't select to be notified for that topic. It's really that easy. I think this is what MS and Sony wanted to give to us with their communities and groups, but let's face it, it just doesn't work this simple. This will be a great way to communicate and coordinate some raids and incursions in both Destiny and Division. We can even use this to play some Rocket League across PC and console, and then easily use the same to chat. You can even use chat from your phone, or PC. Whatever is easier. So I implore you to come check out our Discord server. Sign up, and mute the channels you are not interested in, but use this to coordinate some game nights, or find some dads to game with. I think this is a great tool to utilize. Here is the invite link. Just click on it and sign up. DHO is waiting for you! https://discord.gg/YrFjqQn
  8. Greetings Destiny Dads, you know how you never know who is online playing Destiny until you turn on your console? Now, what if you are just doing some Netflix and chill, when suddenly you get an alert on your phone that someone is wanting to play some Destiny? Maybe schedule a raid? With discord you can do that. Just mute the channels and games you aren't interested in, and stay subscribed to what you do care about. Now, if phoenix wants to play some Destiny, he can just give a shout out, "Hey dads, looking for some #destiny buddies to do a raid". BAM! Now everyone signed up on Discord will get an alert about it. We are working out the kinks with it right now in fact, so you might have to just get assigned to a role for the games you are interested in, but we can make this work. So sign up and play around with it. It has a lot of potential. Link to join Discord: https://discord.gg/YrFjqQn
  9. The Discord app has been set up almost exclusively with game nights in mind. If we can get dads to set up Discord, and then follow the games they are interested in, they will get alerts any time someone talks about this game, or specifically when someone is looking to play or set up a game night. Have you joined Discord yet? What are you waiting for? Better than Twitter. Link to join the DHO server: https://discord.gg/YrFjqQn
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