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Found 6 results

  1. This was my first CW Campaign and first experience with earning fame so I've been doing my best to learn. It's my understanding that if you played five battles during the CW Campaign you can spend the fame you earned on various rewards; camo, styles, bonds, credits, etc. A little guide for spending that fame..... Login to the WoT homepage and select Global Map under the Clans tab. On the Global Map, select the orange button thing. From this screen you can bid bonds on a CW reward tank (unless you earned a tank during the campaign) and spend your fame. Select the item you would like to purchase and then select Purchase on the item screen. Personally, I think the digital camos are the most cost effective purchase. For 150 fame (25 summer, 50 desert, and 75 winter) you can acquire 3 pieces of camo for each season (i.e. a full set for that season) for every nation. That's 11 full sets of camo for 150 fame. A second purchase of the digital camos is also available but the fame price is x10 (250, 500, and 750). I hope this helps!
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailCrunchyBorkGivePLZ That is a 60 second clip demonstrating the absolute worst possible push you can make in the game of World of Tanks. Here are the steps to a proper push: 1) Tanks line up near each other. Typically side to side or close to it and not front to back (where tracking a lead tank can cause gridlock). This staging is very important. 2) Tanks all go the same direction. It is called a push for a reason. The W button should be the primary button used. 3) Tanks present so many targets that it is difficult for the enemy to focus fire. 4) As tanks round a corner or come into contact with the enemy they maneuver to enable all tanks to get shots while keeping an eye on health and making the healthier (or at least more heavily armored) tanks the easier target. 5) A clear call. Unless there is a flank caller present (highly recommended for pushes) people should NOT be giving any directions that aren't in full support of the push call. 6) If a tank gets tracked or forced to turn an unarmored portion towards the enemy other tanks should shield as much as possible. The 60 second clip includes the following 1) No tanks are lined up together. They are completely staggered and seem completely unaware of each other's locations. 2) One tank is going the wrong direction (backwards) even after the call. 3) One tank either doesn't hear the call or decides that he isn't in the push group. 4) Two tanks line up together front-to-back leading to a traffic jam. 5) A random person tells someone else to stop and back up. Which is 100% the opposite of what should have happened. The trailing tank should have gone around the tracked tank and shielded him. 6) Someone listened to the random person. XTC was literally the only tank that followed the call. He actually made the turn. Which means that every tank behind would have also made the turn had they gone together. The match would have likely had a different result.
  3. Much to our surprise DHO3 CW team members put a whooping to a clan and went on to Victory in taking over their land. Which now means we need to defend this land if we intend to keep it. Be sure to be online tonight around 7:00 pm Eastern Time, to fend off anyone that might want to take it from us. Pat on the back for a great job to those that fought in the battles that got us here, You guys Rock
  4. I'll post to this thread to notify of any gold payouts DHO-X does. PM me if I ever screw up and miss you. The list is somewhat manually built, so yeah, human error. Data for play activity comes straight from the WoT website. TODO: Add payout rules when I feel like it.
  5. For officers looking at Clan Wars and wanting the mechanics boiled down, still a wall of text. Clan Wars Personnel: Who: CO, XO(s), PO(s) Can: Perform auction bid actions Purchase modules in a landing bid Raise province income Purchase, modify, disband, and relocate a division Change priority of players who can manage combat reserves (air/artillery strikes) Submit/cancel a landing application Establish/relocate HQ Access ‘restricted’ clan info on the Global Map Participate in battles Who: Combat Officers Can: Relocate a division Establish/relocate HQ Access ‘restricted’ clan info on the Global Map Participate in battles Who: All others (except Recruit/Reservist) Can: Access ‘restricted’ clan info on the Global Map Participate in battles Who: Recruit/Reservist Can: Participate in battles Map Actions Landing tourneys: If you do not have a province in the given front (tier VI, VII, X) you can apply for multiple landings at no cost If you have a province, you can attack a landing the same as any other province, you do not attack the land owner, this puts you in the tournament bracket Auction bids: If you do not have a province in the given front (tier VI, VII, X) you can make multiple bids for provinces up to the maximum amount of influence you have (i.e. 450 influence you could make 3 150 bids or 1 450 bid)If you win the bid and the province is attacked by another landowning province, you are in a tourney and winner fights the landowner If you win the bid, you are charged the influence, otherwise it costs 0 influence in a lost bidWhen creating a bid, it is good practice to bid at least the minimum +15 influence and modify your division with modules Land owners: Land owners may attack adjacent provinces using divisions Divisions may only be organized in the HQ province, then must move to the target province Land owners in defense of their provinces win all draws (Draws in all other cases are double defeats) Divisions Divisions are the ‘armies’ on the RISK board that is the global map. Divisions must be organized from your HQ province. They cost influence to maintain each day, and cost influence to initially organize. The costs vary depending on the Front tier (VI is lowest at 60 to organize, 5 per module to equip, and 15 per division plus 5 per module upkeep per day) Modules on divisions have various abilities, bomber squadrons and artillery give you an airstrike and an artillery salvo during a defense/assault (if the clan member in control survives at the time you wish to activate). Bombers close province borders for 2 turns, hence most action in the 10 PM battle time occurs at 7 PM (9 PM map locks down in preparation for the 10 PM battle) Currently in DHO4 I equip bomber, artillery and Recon. If we had a larger number of provinces, recon would get switched for engineer to allow us to move our divisions twice a day. Edits will be noted here: Ayle
  6. Forum posting for those replays we want to share/ discuss http://wotreplays.eu/site/2169855?secret=fbbeca20e5cfae8be5c98aecb8e2f8f0
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