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Found 12 results

  1. Prime DHO-X Clan War Tanks If you want to be viable in essentially all of DHO-X CWs then you’ll need a fast heavy and an Object 140. 1. Fast Heavy: Object 277, WZ-111 model 5A. 2. Object 140. Situational/Map/Call/Specialist Tanks These tanks can be called on for a variety of reasons, but if you only have a few of these tanks expect to miss out on many CW battles. A few tankers may specialize in these tanks but it is expected that they be very proficient in their use and have great crews. If you want battles, get a fast heavy and Object 140 first. Light Tanks: Panhard EBR 105 (Mad Max scouting), T-100 LT (conventional scouting). Medium Tanks: Batchat 25t (scouting and clip potential). Heavy Tanks: Maus (city brawling), Super Conqueror (ridgeline/DPM fights), IS-7 (old school fast heavy). Tank Destroyers: STRV 103B (sniping), T110E3 (brawls, area denial), Object 268 version 4 (armor/alpha for fast pushes). SPGs: Conqueror Gun Carriage (scumbaggery). Reward/Mission Tanks The following are reward/mission tanks and you will never be expected to have them. However, if you do have one then expect to be our callers’ best friend and get into a lot of CW battles. 1. T95/FV4201 Chieftain, replaces fast heavy and Super Conqueror. 2. Object 279 early, super heavy/general game destroyer. 3. Object 260, replaces fast heavy. 4. Object 907, replaces Object 140.
  2. DHO-X will be taking part in the next Clan Wars event which begins on Thursday, February 13. This is a short event, so the initial plan is to participate each day of the event, most likely with a landing battle at 10pm ET. If participation is high, a landing may also take place at 10:15pm ET. We will not be seeking a position on the Global Map. We will not be attempting to win gold for the clan. We will not be attempting to earn clan members a CW reward tank by accumulating fame points. At most, we will be working on our organized play skills and coordination...and hopefully getting the tankers who have enough bonds into the CW reward tank auction (you need five individual battles during the event to be able to bid in the auction). For the first three days we are planning to have two landings; 10 and 10:15pm ET. The callers for those days will make the map decisions and moves. They will be as follows; Thursday: Juggernaut and Poppa. Friday: Juggernaut and Schwerv. Saturday: Schwerv and xtc. In the ancient DHO wisdom...let's go shoot those guys.
  3. Hello tank monkeys. It has come to my attention that callers in CWs for DHO-X are in short supply. I volunteered to do some calling. I am new at this, but I am used to trying to get a bunch of monkeys to dance to my tune (Kids, grand kids, and I used to call raids in WoW). I ask that you hang with me as there is going to be growing pains. I did a little research and it seems our CW rating is a bit higher then to be expected with our average player skill (not calling anyone out just stating a fact). That shows me we have some good callers and most of the time you guys do a good job of focus firing. I am starting to mess around with some strats and I am going to be looking for certain kinds of tanks (if not specific ones). If you are grinding, these are some of the tanks I (and probably most) might be calling for: (* means pref) Spotters: EBR 105*, T-100 LT*, AMX 13 105, Batchat 25T Mediums: Obj 140*, Obj 907*, Obj T62A Fast Heavies: 277*, WZ-111 5A*, IS-7, 113 Hull Down Heavies: T95/FV4201*, S. Conq*, Kranvagn (strat specific), T110E5 (less than ideal, but still has a very good gun, decent heavy speed, good depression, just have to manage your bucket) Super Heavies: Maus*, Obj 705A* , Type 5, E 100 TDs: Strv 103B*, Bobject, T110E3 (strat specific) Arty: Conq GC* (more congested maps), T92* (better range on more open maps), Obj 261, M53/M55 Auto Loaders: Batchat 25T*, AMX 50B*, T57 Heavy (strat specific) TVP 50/51, Progetto 65 Odd balls: Cent AX, Leopard 1, E50 M, M48 Patton Tanks you should all have OR be working on: Obj 140, 277 or WZ-111 5A, S. Conq, Maus, Batchat 25T or AMX 50B I realize most of us have lives, but if your time is limited, I recommend you aim for the 5 tanks listed above. If you do, you should always have a tank needed for whatever strat gets thrown at you, regardless of who's calling. Side note: I am on most evenings if you have any questions about anything tanks related or just want to platoon, hit me up either in chat or discord.
  4. This was my first CW Campaign and first experience with earning fame so I've been doing my best to learn. It's my understanding that if you played five battles during the CW Campaign you can spend the fame you earned on various rewards; camo, styles, bonds, credits, etc. A little guide for spending that fame..... Login to the WoT homepage and select Global Map under the Clans tab. On the Global Map, select the orange button thing. From this screen you can bid bonds on a CW reward tank (unless you earned a tank during the campaign) and spend your fame. Select the item you would like to purchase and then select Purchase on the item screen. Personally, I think the digital camos are the most cost effective purchase. For 150 fame (25 summer, 50 desert, and 75 winter) you can acquire 3 pieces of camo for each season (i.e. a full set for that season) for every nation. That's 11 full sets of camo for 150 fame. A second purchase of the digital camos is also available but the fame price is x10 (250, 500, and 750). I hope this helps!
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/FrailCrunchyBorkGivePLZ That is a 60 second clip demonstrating the absolute worst possible push you can make in the game of World of Tanks. Here are the steps to a proper push: 1) Tanks line up near each other. Typically side to side or close to it and not front to back (where tracking a lead tank can cause gridlock). This staging is very important. 2) Tanks all go the same direction. It is called a push for a reason. The W button should be the primary button used. 3) Tanks present so many targets that it is difficult for the enemy to focus fire. 4) As tanks round a corner or come into contact with the enemy they maneuver to enable all tanks to get shots while keeping an eye on health and making the healthier (or at least more heavily armored) tanks the easier target. 5) A clear call. Unless there is a flank caller present (highly recommended for pushes) people should NOT be giving any directions that aren't in full support of the push call. 6) If a tank gets tracked or forced to turn an unarmored portion towards the enemy other tanks should shield as much as possible. The 60 second clip includes the following 1) No tanks are lined up together. They are completely staggered and seem completely unaware of each other's locations. 2) One tank is going the wrong direction (backwards) even after the call. 3) One tank either doesn't hear the call or decides that he isn't in the push group. 4) Two tanks line up together front-to-back leading to a traffic jam. 5) A random person tells someone else to stop and back up. Which is 100% the opposite of what should have happened. The trailing tank should have gone around the tracked tank and shielded him. 6) Someone listened to the random person. XTC was literally the only tank that followed the call. He actually made the turn. Which means that every tank behind would have also made the turn had they gone together. The match would have likely had a different result.
  6. Hi all, A while back Yahmann and Swampy were talking about doing an SH team, and getting people to organize games using a third party app. Which totally fell flat. But, ever hopeful, Yahmann and I would like to know if there are some DHO2 players willing to put together a team that would regularly play on the US West Server? Ideally, we'd like both an East and a West team, but if we only get one, we'd probably bounce between servers, depending on how man players we get from the east or the west. Yahmann and I are on the West, so we thought we'd start there. We would probably play around 4 onward Pacific Standard Time, a few times a week. Schedule would be decided by the group. I've played quite a few games with DHO6 of late, but of course we don't get any resources out of that, so I'd love to earn resources for DHO2. The other benefit is you can make a bucketload of credits in SH skirmishes, and it's good training for the Clan Wars that come later. If anyone is interested, message me here or in game, or in the WoT forums. Thanks, Finnegan Gromyko
  7. Anyone interested in starting a scheduled Strongholds time? With my job and family, I need to have "timeframes" when i can play. :(
  8. Topic pretty much says it all. Do you want to hold on to the only province we have and continue on the tier 8 map or do you want to drop the province and play in the tier 10 map?
  9. So I think we are doing okay with tier 6 CW and I'm glad we are increasing our participation. I'm new to the tank locking and was wondering what would be the ideal number or tanks, and which tanks, to have so each tanker can be competitive in CW across different maps and strategies. Also, do we need a thread where we can list which tanks we have (tier 6 and 8)?
  10. Please post below if you are interested in CW 2.0 and a DHO4 member. Please note in-game name and your available times and days as we judge how much interest there is in DHO4. Ayle
  11. Forum posting for those replays we want to share/ discuss http://wotreplays.eu/site/2169855?secret=fbbeca20e5cfae8be5c98aecb8e2f8f0
  12. So our current CW project is Lakeville (valley push best push) at tier 8. There are basically 4 strategies that exist on Lakeville. 1) Valley push. Unlike with pub matches the valley push is a viable CW tactic. A concerted push by reasonably mobile tanks can kill a scout early and can force the issue on the enemies cap. If the enemy has over-committed slower tanks to the city then they can be fast capped. This is still not my preferred tactic but ignoring the valley is usually more risky that worthwhile. You can also push with meds/lights and once the valley is completely clear flex back to your cap and work city/road. Usually you will be up enough HP to make it work but it can be tricky and very risky if they also do a valley push with heavies. 2) Control the mid road. This tactic requires an overmatch on the road and normally will sacrifice at least one LT to take command of the road. This tactic works better from the North than from the South. Typically you want two 54lws to push to the E4 rock and force any lights at E4 or F4 off of the road. You may also want one or two lights to go to the city to support that push. Once control of the road is gained you can shift a light back to support the valley or keep whatever lights are left to snipe from the road. Be aware that a counter road push can be very effective in concert with a city push so don't lose sight of the road while sniping if they still have a possible counter-push force. 3) Rush the city. Usually this depends on holding the road but overmatching in the city. Most strats only allow for ~6 heavies in the city so bringing upwards of 8 heavies can provide an easy overmatch. However the heavies in the city need to be able to engage with teh enemy heavy mass without being hit by the sniping support tanks along the road. The heavies also need to be aware of the map and need to wipe out the opposition quickly or be delayed to defend against a cap force. This attack can only happen with matched speed heavy tanks so IS3/T32/110. No slow tanks allowed. 4) Balanced slow play. This is the most common tactic. Basically you spot the valley and the road. You support your road spotter to make sure if they push aggressively on the spotter that they pay for it (as he will likely die). Bring 5-6 heavies to city and they can be mixed including some some slightly slower heavies but at least half IS3s for the ability to flex. Try to get early shots on crossers in the city. Flex your lights to the road to snipe/counter road push or the valley to go for cap while the city is engaged or to defend a valley push. There is a chance of a draw occuring here but you should not push heavies unless you are certain of an overmatch including both heavy forces and road support forces. Pushing blind will always result in a loss. This is a maptactic for the deployment for a slow play. I like having a Rhoomba in the South spotting the valley as he can really hurt any scout poking the valley mid and as long as he has binoc/camo combo he has just as effective camo as a light. If the Valley doesn't materialize and the road is available he can shift to help sniping from the road into the city and be more effective than most lights (a lw can replace him for watching valley if necessary). From the North Rhoombas are more of a liability as there isn't as good of a spot for them where they can damage then retreat w/o trading HP. There is also a spot on both sides of this map where the faster heavies can take -ONE- shot at the respective opposing spotting bushes. Because they are not fully committing to the city they have the time to take that shot. However if they linger then they will be at risk of not being in position to counter a heavy push.
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