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Found 4 results

  1. SGrant7

    Update 1.5 - All the Info

    So, update 1.5 has just dropped. I've linked the article below for all the changes that are happening. The run-down: -New Swedish tier VIII - X MT's with a new feature, Air Suspension. (Info) (UDES video previews from QB) -Changes to Swedish tier VIII - X HT's. (Info) (Kran changes video preview from Dez) -New WoT Premium. (Info) -New ability to exclude maps. (Info) -SPG re-balancing (nerfing of stuns and splash radius). (Info) (Arty nerf video from QB) -Type 4, Type 5 & FV4005 nerfs. (FV4005 info video form QB) (Type 5 changes video preview from Dez) (Jap HT Line Nerf video from Dez) -New styles. https://worldoftanks.com/en/1.5/
  2. For those that didn't see it in the WoT News or missed it in the Discord discussion, WG changed the way that you have access to some of the missions for April. Previously, there was no work required on your part. You would just play your battles and your results would count towards which ever LT, MT, HT or TD 101, 201, 301 or 401 mission you were on. Many people likely didn't even notice them. But they gave you a few consumables and the 4th one each day would grant you 10K tank XP for the tank you completed the mission in. I personally found this quite useful for tanks that I've had a hard time grinding. Anyways, WG, as always, have made things more difficult. They now require to enter in codes at the beginning of the month to unlock the missions. It appears they did however make one good change. Previously, the mission chain would reset each night if you didn't complete it in time. I personally had a few late nights trying to complete the 401 mission for the 10K XP and just missing it over and over. Now, according to their page, the mission chain resets on a 24-hour time line, possibly starting from the time you complete the 101 mission. I'll have to confirm this in game later. But that's a welcome change if it's accurate. Here are the codes for April: LIGHT TANKS: MEDIUM TANKS: HEAVY TANKS: TANK DESTROYERS: LT101042019 MT101042019 HT101042019 TD101042019 You can find all the details and rewards for all the missions at the link below: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/play-your-tanks-class-right-0419/ It appears that they've also done this for the tournament missions for anyone who plans on entering into any tourneys in April. Please go to the link below to see the missions and the code you need to enter. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/tournaments/tournament-missions-0419/
  3. SGrant7

    SPG Re-balance

    Changes to SPGs are coming. WG hinted at changes a while back, but they hadn't discussed anything new in a while. Here's all the info on what they are changing. CAUTION! Lots of numbers ahead! https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/SPG-rebalance/
  4. Looks like WG isn't sitting idle... The premium ammo changes are already in Supertest. https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-tanks/supertest-premium-ammo-changes/ The changes to the Type 5 shell are certainly interesting.